Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Kenny Molly


thanks for the encouragement mate, very welcome in these final days :thumbsup:


added the first bits of the small elevator that connects the upper floors
wel the first and second. the ground floor will be connected with teh first one through a larger elevator.

needs more details in a lot of parts, but think this will be the last post for tonight.


detail of the same model, nothing new, just closer shot hehe


more on the big part ot scene, I want this and the base of the front building done by tomorrow so I can finish the loose ends in another 2 days.

should leave me just enough time to make it.


closer shot again, with some details added.
I’ll upload a bigger update later today :slight_smile:


this is the platform where the commander will confront the captured alien with the armada.

the top still needs to be painted, made uv’s for those pieces to get the textures around the model properly.

some scan/search spotlights will be added to the top of the entrance in front and the little rooms need to be filled up too.

I also need some sort of railing for all the platforms so people don’t fall off the edges :slight_smile:

I got the deadline date wrong btw, thought it ended the 10th , so that means I have an extra week to make the project more detailed YAY


small update.
central elevator test, I think I 'm gonna go for the metal cage look like the walkbridges instead of the full metal texture it has now, will see what it gives.

caution lines look fine I think, no?


The teeths and armor modeling looks fine. I like the glowing stomach:)


I think the texture for this part is nearly set, today I intend to go into the final details for this set of geometry.
I’ll add some more bridges leading to the front, this way I need to fill fewer parts of the ground level, and it will make it look a bit less boring in my opinion.
The original concept had a bit too much empty space.

and I also need to think of a way to connect the overview cabin wit the central elevator.

more later today :slight_smile:


Texturing is looking really good and I like the atmosphere and glow of your galaxy. Good luck. :thumbsup: Claireabella


today went a bit slower than expected, better tomorrow.

updated the texture on the overview cabin to match the central elevator.
made some mechanics for under the cage oft he elevator, not very visible, but adds some realism.

and made the base of the connection between cabin & central platform.

I’m going to make a metal frame to support the walkbridge at the small elvator, where the underlying structure suddenly stops and atm forms a huge gap hehe.

there is going to be a small walkbridge for the guards at the overview cabin on top, added a ladder and the railing allready to get my scale right.


Nice progress. I would only do something about the walls. They seem too complicated:) I mean that bump plating is too dense.


thanks for the crits arturro:buttrock: this is the third try for the wall texture, so far I like this one best.
always ready to improve tho, so any suggestions?


The set up look pretty good,but the textures look like from games I played 10 years ago.


textures look good Kylebrn, they only are strange because are put on the white background and they miss some details;)

I think you should make tha plating on the walls bigger, I mean bigger plates. It would be less messy. Also I would add some pipes and cables going along the edges, and sometimes in the middle of the wall. Just to make it more real. But it’s quite promising. good luck!


arturro, thanks for the suggestions :thumbsup: , I’m gonna finish the details like cables, pipes and airvents in polygons first and then see what remains visible of the wall.
If it still looks too repetitive/dense I’ll see what I can still change. thank you for the support mate :smiley:

Kylebrn, allthough I am not one to ignore crits from people, even if they are negative hehe, I must say comments like that aren’t of much use to me:shrug: . I can see how you don’t like the look of something, but you could try to point out the specific probs like arturro did, or give me a hint on what you like better.
but like I said, I’m always in for improvement, so I’ll always follow good advice, if you have some to give…:wise:

also, I upped these shots mainly as modeling/ texture wips, not finals by far.
So there is little or no AA, the renders are oversaturated to show some of the details more and the lighting is cranked way up before rendering. I know it causes some parts to look a bit off, but the idea isn’t to make beauty shots of every wip render, now is it, just to make clear what we are doing, right?


I figured it was time to check how the light of the background objects would make this part of the scene look like.

only two lights of importance atm, the magenta, pink one from the planets atmosphere on the right and on the left the orange sun.
simulated the ships interior light with a distant greenish light atm, but will change that when all the pieces are in.


I hadn’t check your thread in awhile… nice progress Kenny. That elevator looks awesome!


the detail and lighting really give it a more finished and refined look … cant wait to see the rest of the guts for the big ships


SNoWs: cheers :beer: glad you like it, I’m currently updating the alien model so I can start detailing the clothing using your tutorial, probably not going to get the amazing results you got but at least it won’t look so flat hehe.

vrhead: thanks for the support mate :buttrock: , gonna try to keep adding details till I run out of time lol but first I’m gonna finish the other important pieces of the scene, so nothing has to be left out cause of lack of time.:smiley: