Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Kenny Molly


good model and textures keep on working!:slight_smile:


heya!! another lightwaver I see :thumbsup: !
very good start! the wires are very cool I like the alien design! :slight_smile:
and texturing is good too! keep on working! :smiley:


Very good texturing. I like when they’re dirty :slight_smile:

Quite impressive modeling too. Then, I discovered today that you too have a Renderosity gallery. That’s cool :slight_smile:



Very nice modeling of the alien guy and the body parts…I like the machine style, and as I have seen, no such idea has been posted…YET! hehe.
By the way, the texture looks good aswell, but I would prefer an organic texture, rather than a rocky-like texture.
Another thing: In your main concept, I think you should use another angle for the camera, because the one that you have is too symetrical which could lead to Boring! But your story is very interesting…
Keep on working!


Saschi0815: thank you very much for the nice comments :smiley: It’s the first time I enter a challenge/contest of this size, so flowing may be a little out of my league. I will start with trying to keep my head above water and finish something before the deadline hehe:arteest:

centavrus: I’ll keep working on this one till I drop :thumbsup: thanks for the support!

oblivionblack: hey mate, thanks for your comments. I know your work & rep so I really appreciate your words. glad you like it!
imo LW users are like bikers :buttrock: (may be the same with other progs) but it doesn’t matter which sector you work in, or what company you belong to, if 2 people are wavers, there is a bond :beer:

Doublecrash: I clicked your link to 'rosity when I first read one of your posts :slight_smile:
and I discovered I visited your gallery before, which is quite exceptional considering I hardly find the time to check out all LW related stuff, great work :thumbsup:
thanks for the comments, I like my textures dirty too btw

Nikus: very constructive crits! thanks of that:bounce: , I’ll keep them in mind, especially bout the angle of the scene. I was glad to have found a setup that would support all my ideas, but like you say, it might end up boring. and I’ll have a hard time getting the viewer’s attention to the parts I want.
I’ll make scene without props and check out some angles, thanks again!

the body texture is only temp, needs to look old & grey, will add more veriation to it and change soem settings to make it look more like very old torn skin


Great modelin… especialy the teath… i hate modeling teath =/


well a trick is to have your models keep their mouth shut :scream: hehe jk

since this particular model is gonna be in some serious pain, I needed some teeth on him, not planning on doing it with all the characters though… well with most, but certainly not all of them :smiley:


Some well concieved concepts you’ve got there! The alien design is good, the layout diagram is very thorough, and your overall idea is great!

Looking forward to seeing where this goes. :slight_smile:


did some more work on the textures, not yet final, but getting there.

combination of seamless textures painted by clone brushing photos and LW procedurals, to recycle textures on some parts.

the ugly greenish bits is where the engine/life support system will show through, didn’t want to leave it grey so gave it a quick variation.


Looks great! are you using UV’s for the texture? I barely know how to use that thing!!!..I’m gonna have problems in the future…


… something before the deadline hehe
Don’t yell this word…!!! I hate this word. This word is evil…:twisted:

Hey, great progress, mate - texturing is your thing, hmmm:thumbsup:
Keep it up…


Nikus: I tend to avoid UV’s whenever possible, I usually use standard wrapping methods with seamless images, and use weightmaps or some UV mapped areas to add detail to the textures.

If all else fails I unwrap the whole thing and spread some UV’s out, but I find the whole procedure quite tedious and frankly, I still suck at it :scream:

MickW: thanks for the interest mate, concept still has some screws loose at some places, but we are getting there :smiley:


saschi: hehe, apparently I’m not the only one who considers 2 months not to be that long… at all :eek:

I had a solid 2D background before I started 3D, so I feel quite comfortable making textures. glad you like them :bounce:

& thanks for the support !


Hi Kenny…Well it’s coming along very well…I am happy to see and look forward to more…I think your 2D experience will pay off very much with this 3D,and I can see you are on the right road…I’ll be back hopefully with more help,right now I’ll wait to see more,so get it going…And here’s a Belgian beer for you,a strong one (are there any other kinds there :wink: ) ,but just one,I need to see more from you…:beer: :wink:


thanks for the beer mate :applause: just what I needed:beer:
I’m a bit preoccupied for a while with personal stuff atm, but things should calm down in a week or two.
I may do some small updates, but won’t be able to be around much till then.

I do intend to finish this piece before the competition is over, so expect some serious catching up in the very near future!


Hey Kenny!
thats right for the UVs! I hate them also…too complicated…but when you have to do it, you have to do it!


this is the picture I used as a base for the alien head texture.

I often use detailed pics, distort & get rid of the seams, when I don’t have an appropriate texture pic at hand.

usually in combination with weightmaps, gradients and procedural textures.

the picture was taken in South Africa by a collegue of my girlfriend, added the colour & bump map images I created at the bottom.


this is the first texture test for the alien head, he’ll still have his spacesuit on in the scene, so it’s a good model to have a go at playing with some textures whenver I have 5 mins time (still too busy to get some modeling done)

I’ll add weights to get rid of some of the bump in the face and get the specularity right, and I’ll also add some scars etc.


The solution to the problem is…No sleep,lots of good Belgian coffee…:wink: :beer:

…early thoughts on the head textures are that you should lighten them,really a taste thing,smooth the texture a touch.A little more soft overall.This will give the rougher areas even more contrast,they will stand out even more so,I think at least this could work…None the less you have to keep at it Kenny…You have a good plan,and you have to follow through with it,even if you have to continue after the challenge,just stick to your plan…Ok,I’ll be looking for you…Take care,and go at it extra hard…:arteest:


:scream: oh, I like beautiful picture your idea it continues this way.