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Kenny Molly has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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final :slight_smile: thanks for the crits, comments and other kind words. First run here at a CGN challenge, and it’s been sweet, till the next one =)

big version :


this is one of the alien races to appear in my scene. as you can see my skills need serious improving before I’ll be able to enter a 2D challenge…

I finally have a rough idea on where I want to go with this one.

The general concept sketch is still under construction since I’m still figuring out how to set up all the things I want to implement.

I’ll probably play with boxes first to try and visualise the setting :wink:


Hi Kenny… i like him,I think your your sketch skills are good…I look forward to seeing your concept,and agree with using box’s etc,etc…as placeholders as set up helpers/tools…Ok now,get us a concept,until later,all the best…:thumbsup:


yay, found a way of making the whole idea clear.

The story behind my entry goes as follows:
The scene you see is the interior of an alien ship, looking over the battle for the homeplanet of a second alien race.

I want to illustrate the nature of the agressor, being a collector & annihilator.
They swarm from planet to planet, wiping it out and collecting species, which they study, dissect and store in a huge dna &research database.

This all happens in a very structured way, so I’ll have lots of characters with different functions running through the scene

k, I’m going to add to this concept as I work out the idea in detail and do some modeling on the things I have allready decided on.

1: The research facility:
several floors with walkbridges outside. each floor contains another department. One for the behaviour tests, one for medical and pathological research and one for storing & display (this one will have several different races in tubes and stuff )
guards on each floor, outside on walkbridges

2.Monitoring & control:
bit the same structure as 1, but instead of scientists there will be officers and guards operating puters and big screens showing both experiments from the research center and images of the battle going on at the planet’s surface

  1. Lookout spot:
    A commanding officer (fancy uniform) will be confronting a captured savage alien (on the floor beaten) with the destruction of his world
    while troops are standing in a stormtrooper like fashion against the far sides

  2. corridor:
    on the side of 1 a group of aliens will be led into the research facility, on the other side officers will be running back & forth

  3. windows:
    this won’t be the hole you see now, otherwise people would get sucked into space :wink:
    I’ll put some metal construction with windows/panels in, covering enough to make it seem sturdy, but leaving enough open space to see the battle

that’s it :wink: more to come


Interesting ideas you have Kenny! Can’t wait to see more of this. You forgot to mention the poor fellow who is cleaning the floors? :slight_smile:



great idea man… is the sketch of the char the agressor race?


-Virtuoso: thanks for the support, it’s much appreciated :beer:

-Daniel: considering I’ll add loads of characters I might just follow you up on that idea :smiley:

-vrhead: thanks bud!:buttrock: I was thinking of making the alien the defeated race, more savage lower beings than the agressors, who’ll be a more advanced race.


Alright Kenny…very nice and interesting storyline…I lke the depth and detail to it…This will be a very nice thread to follow…By the way Belgium sure has a great education system,your English is better than 95% of the people living here…Keep it coming strong,great foundation/storyline,all the best…:arteest:


Virtuoso- yep including mine…


thanks for the compliment :slight_smile:
I think it has a lot to do with the fact hat we have 3 official languages in my country, which are all taught at school, plus English as an extra fourth language.

and we are a small country depending on international business, this could explain why Belgians have better language skills than some of our neighbours.

For the last few years I have only worked with Americans, British people and Australians. My Dutch is now starting to get replaced with English anyway hehe


had a good modeling run yesterday and this morning, the alien from the concept is taking shape.

working it out more this afternoon, mouth & teeth for starters. then I’m gonna try to add some character to the face before texturing.

frozen the mesh to check the polyflow, right model are the original polys


he looks a lil scary =/ thats cool =) great start man


made the inside of the mouth and made teeth to match.
added them to a seperate layer, don’t know if I will connect them or not, seems to fit smoothly enough like this.

reduced polycount as it nears the gums, considering the scene will have enough polys as it is to show all visible things.

basic teeth modeling procedure I believe, copy border polys of the mouth.
connect to a new poly, extrude& subdivide to make gums, bent like the mouth.
smoothshift polys out in pairs of 4 to make the rounded shapes.
and a lot of reference material from dentists and veterinarians.

will see how they look with textures, may still tweak them a bit, but for now I’m a happy man


Man that’s creepy looking. I look forward to seeing it with some textures. Myabe the exagerated rear cranium could be even more so? To insinuate higher intellect?


A big WHOA for the alien modeling. I appreciated also the “block-layout”, made things a lot clearer.



Stefano: thanks for the comment mate :cool: and you’re welcome, I like it when people show how things are done. There’s loads of educational material and tutorials out there, but a lot of specific things don’t get explained anywhere, and we all hit a brick wall once in a while, where we haven’t a clue how to accomplish something. the right screenshots can allready clarify a lot

Crin: thank you :slight_smile: he is starting to look kinda scary isn’t he hmmm, Tyler mentioned it too.
I’ll work out the head a little like you suggested:thumbsup:
it will make the concept even more wicked :twisted: this race is very agressive and very intelligent and still it is being overrun by the agressors. need to think of some kind of evolved super aliens now…


That Alien looks very creepy. Looking good.


first wip of the second main character in the scene.
last comments on the scene concept made me think of a highly intelligent and dominating alien race.

I came to the conclusion that mankind is allready doing a great job proving it’s worth to fill this position.

the second race will be us, evolved and modded with alien technology and dna. collected from every part of space.

this is the commander ot last colony of Terra 1 , what we know as earth.
he has set out to conquer planets to collect resources for cloning and the creation of hybrids, to improve the race of man.

his name is No:aH

comments on the idea welcome, is it too machine flesh?
is the noah thing too close to what others are working on? allthough I believe no one approaches it from a dark pov.

more details on the concept as I make them up, but the idea is getting more concrete


quick texture test to check the look I want for things.
needs loads of tweaking, but didn’t feel like modeling this evening


whoops, cool stuff here:thumbsup: Great alien … and the texture on the body is coming along very good!!!

Keep on flowin,Kenny! Best wishes!