Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Julien Daulte


Ahahahah… you have some problems to play… I now this prob… Yesterday… before she come back of its job… I’ve can play, but it’s very rare… hahahahaha

Anyway, I’m happy to see you clear with your work… you can restart seriously this week-end… cool Julien, I think we are so much to wait that’s follow here… :buttrock:


because you don’t use an esenary but centered bony that is not in the space


Looking forward to more when you get the chance Julien…I’ll be looking for it…All the best to you…:arteest:


I am definantly guilty of playing Half-Life 2. I worked for days on end, and needed to get some RnR. But hey its worth every penny! Lol, anyway good stuff going here with the new ship designs. I like them alot. Keep em coming!:thumbsup:


haha… you guilty… lol… until now I didn’t post nothing, I rework each model (problems of polygons) and :banghead: is more longer hat I suppose…



well there really is stil lots of time left…so just focuse on the arT…and the rest will folloW :thumbsup:


I agree with essencedesign, leashes to carry by creation, usually, the continuation runs alone… :bounce:



very good work!! I like the modelisation of the buildings!!:thumbsup:
A lot of details, very cool! :cool:

Nice work here!! Keep going!

PS:Thanks for your “how to”… nice idea, it help a lot!!:buttrock:


Heya here we are… ok here the building with a first remodel details and a new camera position (all crits wellcome)


and here some light test before to start with

  1. modell environment details (urban details)
  2. next destroied buildings structures (mostly mettalic structures only)
  3. Creating the place with a fontain and some trees

After I will check all textures (until now only some basic texture for the tag assignments).
Just for the next 3 day I will not be present so you will not have an immediately answer… I will take time to answer at all comment when I will be back during the week-end ! TY for support.



yeah I prefer the open feeling of this background better. It makes it more ominous.


hey, ur tests are looking good… i would suggest you to experiment with your camera angle and FOV… the scene cud look more massive and heavy…keep up the good works i got my eyes on ya… :thumbsup:


Yessssss… actual details with this framing agree me… I’m hope to see nearly the new composition of the entire scene…

J’essaye de t’envoyer un gros morceau de courage pour te donner la force d’y aller, à fond :bounce: maintenant que tu es revenu…

I find the red halo inside the building like a true good idea… :thumbsup:

I stay here to watch what’s follow…


Going along very nice :). But maybe you should darken the sky a bit more and add some red to it :slight_smile: Should be better, but i’m not sure :slight_smile: keep rocking!


Hy Julien

Great work so far!

I agree with borro, maybe a sky with more red colour will give it a more agressive look. but thats only MHO.

thank you for the “W.I.P Tuts” , very nice idea!

May Swzitzerland win this contest :smiley:




All improved as far as I can see. The fiery red in the tall building, and the strong sense of perspective in the sky… it all works really well.


Yes you see the opening up of the scene is paying off very nicely Julien…Looking very nice.Keep with this plan,and your further ones,I think you are on the right path…I’ll be looking for more,I think this will reach your goals…Looking real good…:arteest:


back :smiley:

||) |V| |^| TY !

overcontrast ho yep probaly I will play again, but now I think I will spped up to finish all modelling parts that I need, then whe the scene will be finished i will play with the camera. Now this view probably can be a good starting point, but not the final one.

Lemog yesss on est des dur à cuire ! :wip:

Borro ty for the crit about sky… I take note of this point… onestly I think this will be one of the last things that I will do with the illumination session of the entire finished (modelling) work.

AcidX heila nice to see a swiss :wink: … like I told to vercontrst the sky will be one of the last point. TY so much for comment !

JamesMK my preffered rabbit thanks for encouragement, more to come !!! :wip:

Virtuoso many many thanks Mchael

go to work, see ya on next up-date :wink:



hey i like the mood you are giving to the scene…i think that u can add for the final scene a lot more of fog and smoke…from the groung to the sky…not fully covered with…but u can try some areas…something like the red smoke u added a the building…

what u have now looks very cool mate…but i like a bit more the one where the sky is more contrasted…

i just gave some ideas …and i must say youre doing it very good…ill be waiting for those updates friend!


And here we are… the fun continue.

Ok here what’s happen: I finish the buildings details (the main 2 buldings) and I placed a third one on the back; for this one I need to add some details.

On front I started to add some urban elements and the next part will be the famous place on the front of the image. Color lights (and a mistake in this render is the small light ball in front of the big building, forgot to displace it when I deformed the lamp) propably will be more cold.
Actually I decided to render without sky and I will rework the background (montains). Rescale and place it to generate a better sensation of big space…

|click on image to view it bigger|

C&C welcome