Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Julien Daulte


Hi Julien, it looks like you are making progress! I agree about the cut in the building being too symmetrical and clean, it should be much more rubble and twisted ends poking out. The trees - I don’t know. I don’t think I really like them, they look more like place fillers, something to fill the empty area with. They don’t look like they really belong. I think you could have trees in the scene, just not so many of them.

How about instead of trees you put another ruin in there? No roof left, only broken down walls, so the viewer sort of looks down on/into it?

I’m sure you’ll solve it somehow! :thumbsup:



hi mate …i finally found u…now im subscribed to this nice thread!!
ok i saw your earlier pictures…i didnt read all the comments but i saw the most of your pictures …i like the modeling sessions for your destroyed buildings…i think your work is very detailed and clean…about your composition i think that maybe trees could look ok but maybe u dont need all those trees togheter… maybe just a few in separate places…and u could also show some parts of the floor very damaged …broken concrete and craters…
but sorry , maybe u had think in this before…as i told u i didnt read all post…but im trying to give some ideas…oh i read about a destroyed monument…that sounds nice too…well mate ill be watchin u!:thumbsup:


Thanks Anders for these inputs… the idea of the ruin sound really good… probably I will mix this input with an aspect of a place and ruins… probably for this front space I will continue to think about it (make a break…) and work on other aspect of the other buildings.

I think a important step on my work (for this front space) will be define when I will be more sure about the final camera position and found something who can increase the dinamism of the entire scene and not disturb the view of the image. Probably if I work immediately on this space, and I change the camera after, something will not past correctly, like trees in the last image up-date…

Rattlesnake thanks for your kind support and encouragement !

Like you understood in this message the ‘trees session’ will be re-organize or re-project at all… ruins and destroided monument is really smething that can be interesting. Like I wrote before I will take a break on this forground area and continue it a little bit later in the modelling session.

A things of sure that will lbe made are crateres and materials (that is destroyed part of bulding) will be visible but this will be a second modelling part. I will add different urban and streets elements and different details onto the streets to add more realism, until now the modelling session is concetrate on the mains building and montains background… like virtuoso tells me… the next destroyed bulding will in any way be ‘trasparen’ to permit at the view to go deep far away and make a big sence of space…

madshooter thanks for support !

What happend now ?

Currently I work on the cut (commented by Dimitris and Anders) of the big bulding that is too symmetrical… so I need to bring again the main facades and rework completely the destroyed parts… (I saved all modelling steps, so I recovered the main bulding construction and I remodel the cut)

Also like other destroyed buldings are a little bit remodelled to decrease the polygon numers, due to a strong use of explosion efx and boolean operations different part of these destroied models have a too many high numer of polygons.

So now this part is quiet complex, beacasue if I count all elements that I need to add is better to clean up all models now, than realyze after that I can add spaceships and other details becasue I saturated my documents with bad poly modelling…

So all will comming soon and I work hard on it… this is a real challenge for me too WOW…
Many thanks for all your comments & crits… every think is important and I’m really happy about all comments that you made…

Gs sorry for my english I suppose that all my replies are a pure massacre and for english spoken people… :smiley:

Julien :wip:


[font=Verdana] very nice good luck ![/font]


Keep Up jddog! It’s getting pretty cool :thumbsup:
Everybody at Neuchâtel is supporting you! (there must be just me from Neuchâtel 'round here but anyway :smiley: )


Good to see you are doing the tweaks now,refining and solidifying your work,and in the end this will pay off for you really well Julien… You have a nice overall start and a good plan,I think with these revisions you are onto a great path/direction,work hard as I know you will,and I’ll be here to see the results…Until then all the best…:arteest: …By the way your English is very good,no problem at all…:thumbsup:


hmmm… I will be happy to see what you’re doing actually… the next picture, nearly I hope :smiley:


hi jjdog et bonjour.
First at all GREAT WORK MAN Keep the good work et excellent travail bravo…:applause:
Second from a newbie perspective (that’s me), i have some C&C(if u can call them that) and suggestions :
Well as everybody already said the trees are way ahead in the foreground, reducing their numbers or putting them in the foreground but enough said about them from now.
On the other hand u said u will be adding more “futuristic” buildings , this is great more ruins and more destruction but i am afraid that those bldgs will be way futuristic that they cannot fit with the little building with the roof that has a “WWII destroyed feeling” building… but no judgement can be make before u actually place them there…
For streets u can add destroyed weapons and equipments that give the feeling that the people of this city fought back the invaders (like a guerilla war), maybe also some dead citizens( yah it is ugly but this is WAR)…
For the camera, now i have no idea where u can place it :shrug: but maybe u can rotate it a bit ( if the camera is at low position like now) to give the feeling that it is like a deserted reporter camera or something . Silly n’est ce pas ? i am just being crazy…
Well again keep the great work and progress and BONNE CHANCE :thumbsup:
J’espere que c’etait pas trop ennuyeux de lire tout ca et A bientot


Merci beacoup, tout commentaire est interessant est utile… :thumbsup:
Thanks so much every comment or crit is important…

Just a point on what you tell here… Yep futuristic buildings… My interest go to different architecture style… the IIWW bulding style… the crasched big building is a classic architecture like Mario Botta for example and some other building will come (probably some Mies, Rem Khoolas and Fosters style…).
A lot of people have done already futuristic buldings, and I will avoit to jump in a image where originality can not be seen. Well I will avoid to have something too much similar at other city picts for example. This was a choise from beguinning.
And well a wish is to obtain a pot-purri (or buillabasse) of different architecture styles and not just do a remake of StarWars city feeeling. In this direction I’m quet sure that nobody will have something similar and I will avoid to generate a cliche of a dejà-vus impression.

Thanks so much wollyka !!!

go to work now :wip:



If you do a small passage in Reims, don’t forget to stop here, I would make you a good bouillabaisse… :scream: MDR… huhuhuhu


HA… c’est écrit !!! mmm on s’organise ! :beer:


CHAMPAGNE :bounce:


C’est excellent et ca serait tres interressant de le voir.
Wish u luck


nice, I gona keep an eye on your work.


nice lighting, looking forward for the updates.


Yeah, this looks sweet so far. I would use more perspective distortion though it would allow you to fit more into the shot. Also if you don’t go to far with it should cause an more epic feeling.




Guys sorry for my absence, but I have some work o finish in a short time. Now back at work. This week-end you will see some up-date, I need to take out some dust from my files, lol… by the same time I will come around visit your up-dates too, and thanks for support !



yeah yeah, guaranteed another one who’s been playing Half Life 2 :smiley:


haha you can laugh FlyingP… video games are totally forbidden by my lady, if she know that I play at something: she become :twisted: … anyway no halflife, promise… just an arch viz who take me some long time link to the image (CGtalk finished work) and this is was’t the only one render to do…

the battle contine… :smiley:



Can’t say my wife approves either but it does keep me out of trouble for the most part.
Nice render by the way, like the mood :thumbsup: