Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Julien Daulte


Hi Therion, thanks so much for your comment.

About texture, until now I just apply some basic texture with a little (or more) dirt. The progess of the work now is only to the modelling and the assignments of texture tags, so after the modelling is finished I can work on my texture.

Keep in my mind what you tell me and hope soon I can sohw some progress on the texture !

Virtuoso : TY and showcase isn’t finished :bounce:




Thanks for sharing the secrets :slight_smile: Great job by the way, keep it up!:thumbsup:


and here the evolution of my Rapidofly…


A bit hard to read that last rapido render… More lights please :wip:


and here some views of the rapidofly…


click to view a larger image


better ? or is my image that is too dark ?


:beer: Much better! Very sleek design, looks almost like it would fly well under water even. Minor idea: give it more of a ‘waist’ so to speak just where the big wings end, just before the tail… it could come off as a bit amorphous otherwise… IMHO of course -
Very neat model overall :thumbsup:


you mean that need o be more thinner I understand in the right way…?
Yes wings are a little bit too fat on the edges, this will be the 2 part for the modelling…

thanks for support james ! :beer:



I was thinking about the main fuselage… but it sounds you’re prepping for a second run over this baby, so I’ll await the next revision - keep grinding them polys :wip:


ha ok… yep I will post something tomorrow… ty


great work so far!! the rapido’s jet exhaust are very very good!!I would add some variation on the shape though, it seems too much smoothed… but maybe that was the intention!! :thumbsup:
e buona fortuna!!


Cool concept craft there Julien! Unless you want to retain the smootheness of the ship, I would suggest giving it more defined edges and a sharper (edged) tail.


haaa I took 4 days of hollydays… now I’m back, a little bit order in my office the I come back… thanks for comments Oblivion and Peter…



héhé… I hope you take good time… and now… working :thumbsup:


Ok, this will be my rapidofly… like you know sometimes me and english are not really best friends so I hope taht I correctly undertood you comments. C&C are wellcome…

Next I will continue my buildings destructions and probably start to define a little bit more the final view adding more buidings and changing the background… some images and sketches will follow…



That’s very sleek,aero-dynamic Julien…A slick job…A stealth fighter from the future…curves in the right place,like a beautiful lady…Nice addition to your set buildings…Keep it coming.Nice work/art…:arteest:


That’s indeed a very sleek design, Julien, almost like it’s an underwater ship of some kind! There is one thing that’s bugging me and that’s the tail (I think I’ve mentioned it before). It feels like the design should be more flowing from the tail into the body. Since I’m apparently not allowed to attach images I’ve uploaded a quick paintover to illustrate what I mean, hope you can understand it!

Great entry so far! :thumbsup:



I tend to agree with Cartesius on the tail section, it seems to me all the engine works need a little more room.


Anders, sorry I understand you in a different way :blush: in the first message where you talk about the tail. So I made a larger one in confront of the first model. The idea of n underwater ship… lol yep I tried to copy a fish ‘design’ hehe… I think I will made some tail versions and post different solutions/test/tentatives/experiment/remixes … :smiley: … Anders if you will I post your image so you can delete it from your site and I dock it in the contest submission images. I will made this the nex time that I up-date my rapido and post some new pict.

Soapy Thanks !

Virtuoso A stealth fighter from the future…curves in the right place,like a beautiful lady hehe thanks for comment ! :arteest:

Lemog Ont ne lâââââche pas ! dur à cuire !

Many thanks for support ! Today I need to attack the Geova main document. I made a mistake in the scale of my buldings (is not so visible in the past posted documents) so I need to up-date all buildings and rearange it in a new document to ‘repair’ this scale/size problem… :banghead:




mmm after correct my mistake of size/scale of buldings I hade some new input.
The idea is to create a more harder scene where more buildings are destroyed and asking my self if is not interesting to see a more bigger destroyed city who go far away until the montains.
Then I will create a different scenary in the sky to jump in a different dimension of planet earth but take geova into the space…

…any feed-back are wellcome