Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Julien Daulte


Wow, fast start JD. Looks really good! Good luck. I will be watching.


WOW!!! Great job! Keep it coming mate! WOW can’t wait to see more :slight_smile:


I just remembered what your last image reminds me off…it’s very Dali Esque!! Can’t wait to see more.


Great attention to detail here - just keep at it… I’ve got a feeling this will end up looking very impressive…


Wow working fast dude :slight_smile: keep going!


Damn Julien, this is looking very good. Great way to create such destruction. Im keenly awaiting to see more :bounce:


HieSpike… heee ? Dali Esque… :blush: … sorry I’m lost… Did you talk about Dali feeling; Dali the painter…? If is this: I undertood… :smiley:

cg219 Hey good luck & rock everything man! Thanks so much for your support.

soapy many many thanks for your support !

Borro TY !!

JamesMK heey thaks for a so kind comment… I will make impossible to explode my cpu (btw. soon an up-date of my rapidofly!)

BookMansBlues TY !!

OK, every body tell me that I work fast… well I don’t know, this week I have enought time to work on it and this make me feel supderfly/supersonic/reallyhappy… (lol)…
After the sad experience of machineflesh (I had too much professional works and I can’t reach the end of my project :sad: that I tell me: this time I promise my self to rock :buttrock: everything and just go straight on to the end.



Another who don’t sleep at night ? Lol TY so much Peter !


Looking impressive…May the Gods of architecture go with you Julien…I like the whole direction,and think that you are onto a very nice piece.I think that in the end it will be a great idea to choose just when the scene takes place.during or after the battle.

Keep at it hard Julien,the hard work and sleepless nights will be well worth it in the end…:wip: :arteest:


hoo Virtuoso :smiley: the hard work, nicotine, caffé and sleepless night… :scream:
Thanks for your kind support…


I like all the torn buildings - looks like you found some good references.


Hehe, yes. Been up untill 3 a.m each night now, and my wife is not happy with me :blush:


and here some evolution of my destroied building…


here a small wip of how I made the roof…

I build the roof parts details with simple object, the I add some explosion fx… then a small dirty texure.



I’m with you Peter… hem hem :blush:


Interesting way …thanks for sharing this…keep it up :wip: :wink:


really interesting effect actually, i see you’ve advanced quite a lot in a week. keep up the great work! :slight_smile:


I think the seamless texture is not enough good result in this case. You may want to consider larger texture maps and color variation on your walls. Damage remains in color will be singnificant step forward.
Keep up the good work…


Coming along quite well Julien…Really giving some fine details and depth here.I agree with Therion that you could consider larger texture maps.I think that work with fine details will and should be shown close up at least relatively so.Thus larger maps will do your models justice…Keep up the nice work here,you are doing a very nice job,and giving out some excellent showcasing of how you are going about it…:arteest:


nice detail in that building. I like your approach as well. I might have modeled rough edges for hours… :eek: