Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Julien Daulte


the suite…

Click to view the bigger render.


LemogBah… you can explain to the entire world that your glasses are in special synthetic plastic… breveted by you, with better resistance than concrete huhuhu

haha… :scream:

Eclisod: TY !

JamesI agree about what’s been said about the glass, but the first thing that strikes me as odd is how cleanly cut the outer walls are. Fixing a more irregular edge would work wonders I think. Great work so far!

Thanks James… I work on this details now…



Your work is looking very NICE!!! Some of the best I’ve seen so far…and your fast. O.k. if I want to keep up I need to get back to work…good luck


:blush: hoo thanks for you kind support and comment HieSpike !



Coming along very nicely. I really like the distruction work you’ve done on the buildings.


hey , nice work thats really cool jdd
construction and mass makes details also nice background keep rocking friend i will watch this
wish you the best luck


Looking good Julien! - love the destroyed building details!!


I like this.It has a good look even in this early stage.Old ruins are always so appealing,so scary and in this case a good setting for a battle or end of battle scene.Nice start on this one.:thumbsup:


Lookin great bro, I love that collapsed building :wink:


Splotch, Kromekat, BookMansBlues
Thanks so much for support and encouragements ! This make me :bounce:

Thanks for comment and here you point me in a right things, I never pay attention on my evolutive progress if this is the battle or end of the battle… by the end is a subtile difference but can drastically change the final effect. Good tipp, I will sleep on it !



wow that image looks great! I sit and stare at it! hehe Please show more.


I updated one of my destroied buildings… I add some details and I try to model it in a better way…


Click to see a larger view


Here I explain how I made the window metallic structure. I found this way interesting… lol I learn something every day. Any comment are welcome :wink:


Click to see it larger


Thanks Percy for the kind comment… more will come (slowly, but come…)


Thanks for explanation… it’s interesting…

One remark concerning the wall… I think the parts broken to regular where they are he bricks…

Je ne sais pas si c’est compréhensible en anglais, alors je continue en french… au niveau des briques qui sont démontées, celles qui restent semblent toutes orientées de la même façon, disons, pas de la manière dont on monte un mur… mais peut-être cela ne sera pas visibles au final, auquel cas, ne fais pas attention à cette remarque :smiley:



I like that building, but I’d be interested to know where the rest of that roof went. Maybe still to come?


Cool, nice start !


Yep you are right Lemog, this is due to a texture error and I didn’t see that, I rotate the texture in the wrong direction… Need to change the direction axis; by the way I hope that will works :hmm: …

Merci :wink:



ho yeah the roof still unfinished and the cut like I do is just to see how I will do it. Probably I made no roof, only some part of the structure of it. :wip:

gpepper: Ty



Wow, your modeling is very good. I like the destroyed buildings. Twisted pipes are amazing. Keep up the good work. I’ll keep an eye on this one.