Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Julien Daulte


Ok in according to rules image dimension here a possibility of a new version of my image… If I will maintain the vertical format eventually I will try to do zoom to Geova (city scape and Landscape) in battle and open all my scene to the sky… something like this…


edit: I will not create the round planet (new country), to much similar at StarWars…


This is a great idea. I like your work.

Good luck…


Until I’m not sure about vertical or horizontal… I start to do some sketches of my space-ships… will follow others sketches and I will think about the new countries…


very nice sketches, rock on mate:)


I like the vertical composition. I’m glad you took out the sphere ship/station - The first time I saw it thought Star Wars too.


hey I think you can orient your image anyway you want :smiley:
nice sketch, I like the one from outer space more than the earthy ground :slight_smile:


Hi all.
many thanks for your support and encouragement ! To avoid to unfinish this contest I decide to speed up like I can from the first beguinning…
Yep reading the rules FAQ I can use vertical and horizontal format… so… :hmm: what I can do… did you think the vertical sketch can be more inetresting… ? thanks for a feed back !

I think the vertical one can be more interesting. Create a futuristic city/landscape attacked by loud bombardaments and generate a grand space view… Again in accordin to the rules they tell me that is not a great idea to recreate our galaxy… so I will ambient it in a totally different space/galaxy from a reconisable Moon and Earth…

Today I will work and all war space ships and eventually some other details.



at first beginning I didn’t really realize it… then I say wow… a déjà-vus…
well vertical feel me better too…


Julien…go vertical…get it vertically intense.for the last concept this will work nice.Plus get closer to some fine detailed architecture…Too many ships and sky can be overkill,fill out the scene with more eye candy such as architecture…it will give off more of this World,give the viewer more of a sense of being somewhere…Ok…Vertical it is…:arteest:


Virtuoso: :beer: thank you !


Startig to do some spaceships - here my Rapidofly
Meshes view


…and here differents view of the model


So you’re on your way then! I take it there will be a lot of these Rapidos buzzing around…

Keep swimming!


…indeed . I like the story . I also like the second drawing more (the vertical one) I would stick to that…Make the fight happen in the atmosphere (not in open space i think.) this way u can except the fighters and stuff show also their culture…my thoughts. :bounce:

Nice start…


In addition atomosphere is also where you can play around with color quite a lot, not that you cant make space colorful, in atmosphere you can fave much more substance.



Yes, definitely vertical format for this! I like the shape of the Rapido but I would reconsider the tailfin. It looks a bit too thin and spikey and too eye-catching/distracting. It also reminds me of the ships in one of the Unreal games (I think it’s Unreal, anyway). The main body of the Rapido has a very organic form so maybe try and make the fin “flow” into the rest of the shape instead of making it stand out?

Like what you have going here, Julien, I think it will be great! :thumbsup:



and here we go for the vertical one… thaks gs !


Krulwick, Designer2, Panupat, splotch, miketche
many thanks for comment and support !!!

Virtuoso, DimitrisLiatsos and Cartesius
I’m fixed: Vertical !

when I swimm I don’t wear my glasses this can be a problem :smiley:

Agree with you… now I will modell a little bit the search a good atmo… proably I will launch me in a winter scenery… can be interesting to generate strong contrast… not sure for now.

thanks for the comment on my rapidofly… wow I really don’t know unreal. I take a fish to create this spacenavette. Did you have a link ? I will avoid to have some problems about COPY… So I decided to copy a fish organic form, I was quiet sure to don’t catch me in copy/past situation… oups

I will take care about you model comment… btw is made to fit in a HN…

TY all



I start to model the backgounds rocky terrain…


Hi looking good i have to agree with Dimitris on the second vertical drawing it looks moore interesting.

good luck!