Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Julien Daulte


haha :buttrock: time to pary !!!

yeah… the theme is so interesting… but for me probably it will remain not so many time and it will be like a speed modellig ‘challenge’… I really hope that I can do something… :wip:

thanks Anders !!!



Hi Julien…It turned out just wonderfully.seeing this now in the end i can see everything you worked for,it came out just great.The lighting touches you added overall really payed off,and finished your work off very well…very well done and I am happy to say a very nice overall presentation and entry …Congrats Julien…I wish you the best,and it’s been a plaesure following your entry…Take care,and until next time,good luck…:arteest: :beer:


Julien! - congrats man! - you did it!! :beer: :thumbsup:

You have put a lot of time and effort in this, and the final result is stunning - very well done mate! :applause:


congratz! it was about time !:slight_smile:


Michael thanks you to follow my thread and :blush: thanks for your comment.

Good luck to you too :buttrock: see us soon and I wait for your Final image !!!




Adam… hope that the work who kill your time for this contest it’s at a good point and is a work with a sucesfully end… Anyaway I hope for a next contest to have you too in the run… Thanks you for your support and nice (really apreciated) comment :smiley:

of cure Sir >> :beer:

Markovicd… thanks so much, good luck to you too :wip: !!!



Its been my pleasure to help out in anyway I could man. You have done some fantastic work on this. The fire looks great the building damage is second to none, the rubble pile looks real! I mean you have done destruction in a way I can barely imagine the patience required to do. Well done Julien!! I hope to see you in the next challenge and definantly more art from you here in the future! Keep at it man, until next time…:applause::buttrock:


thanks Richard ! :beer:

good luck for your work too… I wait with patiend the end of it !!!



Hey, I like the final image a lot, Julien! It has a nice gloomy doomy world war feeling to it - great stuff.


Thanks James !!! :bounce:

PS… I like better the nitro wabbit… the default is too much peluche :smiley:

PS2… I hope to see a revenge of the fluffians !



well… hope to see u in next competition! :smiley:


:buttrock: rock and roll… a party can’t be refused Marko !!! lol…



W00t all done! Finally… :buttrock:


Hey Julien!.. your art work turned out very nice…the fx and composition looks really good…

youve made a lot of modeling work and you can see now to your final image and be proud of it…

i hope you will be rocking next challenge too !!

congratulations my friend!


Nice job JD the image came out really cool. The fire looks great. Cheers and good luck.



I never got a chance yet to congraulate you on a job well done and A final image to be proud of…You FX work is very convincing with all of the fire and smoke…I wish you luck my friend and thank you for your support in my thread…You are a good friend to many of us here !


||) |V| |^|… thanks so much… :beer:

rattlesnake you make me :blush: … thanks for all your kindness… originally I had to modell many other things… but playing with time and my work not all was possible. Anyway that was a really cool and funny experience (first one in CGtalk for me) and condidering all the fun that I have I can’t iss the next one :smiley: Thanks so much

soapy :smiley: thanks for your support and … hope to see you soon for a new challenge !!! (ps fire and smoke are pyrocluster particles)

No problem… me too I surtenly miss a lot of entries… I think is quiet impossible to follow every one… (and for me to write correctly in english everytime… :D). Thanks so much for your comment, this make me really happy and :blush:

wow… all your comments… :surprised … thanks folks !!!

Julien, cheers :beer:


Congratulations and Good luck


Thanks wollyka :wink:

Congrats to all the winners !
It was really a funny experience !
@ a next contest !!!



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