Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Julien Daulte


sad picture… but I like the emotions behind it.

I think the grass si lighten too much, some red light from the fire on it would break the monotony of it. I also think that there should be more orange and white/yellow colors in the burning house.


I once again agree with arturro, damn you got taste man… :wink: anyway, adding some lighting effects would really help at this point. I can only imagine what you have planned for post FX! Keep at it!


That away Julien…Real nice to see you will finish this.As it should be.It deserves it.You have done a real nice job here,and it will be a very nice feather in your cap to get this done as you set out to do all those months ago (# months :wink: )…Nice job here,and I look forward to the last step now…Good luck,and all the best…:arteest: :arteest:


Lemog and Anders … TY…

Arturro yep sad… but I’m really happy about this comment becasue the emotions are visible in my work… thanks for your comments… I take notice of it. About fire I’m now already adding some smoke and more fire efx… About grass, well yep I really to much enlightd my render and the grass is really too much enlighted…

||) |V| |^| TY man…

Vituoso is always a pleasure to have your support, good luck for you too…

Actually I added some fx on my images but I notice that the render time increase really a lot… hope to post something today… I really run to do all my possible to finish it…

:wip: back to work



Hre the details of smoke and fire, and my fina lighting… I didn’t post so much examples of lights, but along all my wip you see that I tested really differents settings and so on.

Probably a post-work to increase some contrast in the image it will be done later.



Here the grass that I will add later…



hey mate…we must hurry cos time is almost done!

your composition is going nice…i hope u can fix your lights soon…theres always a chance to improve the imge at post…so i think is going to be great at the end…keep:wip:cya soon…ill be watchig your next steps


Hurry up for the last touches Julien… that will be great… don’t rest now… à fond l’ami :scream:


tu l’as dis l’ami… à fond la caisse… dans ma benz benz benz :scream: !!!

Rattle thanks mate for your kindness and support

Actually I render the final image… probably took 6 hrs or more… so then I can work on all pstfx…

:beer: … go to work :wip:



During the render of my final image here some print screen of the meshes of all the work…


Here you can see all the partices used with pyrocluster to create the smoke and fire fx
Again particles was used to generate all Rapidofly in the sky…



owwww very complicated scene…nice job :thumbsup:


And here the render at the final dim… go to wok for all fx, pstfx and compo… jdd


hey thanks visualact

go to :wip: work :arteest: … tic toc tic toc



jddog and u are almost there! yeah
this pic reminds me of sad times in belgrade :frowning: … 1999 bombs falling all over the Belgrade ! :frowning:


Hi, Ok, cool, I could suggest you perhaps finding a source of
light in your image which would bring life, in the sky, good courage
for the end.


Hi Tranchefeux… yes tu as raison, yep you got right… just I had to create it using contrast fx in the postwork session. I had to made this als pfx becasue I had some trouble with the clouds panel. If I generate a enlightment too strong some minor problem appear in some alpha map…

hee courage à toi aussi ! All the best man and a big greetings à la ville de Ripas :wink:



very realistic pic, great work, continued as it and good luck for the end


Here the contrasted and highlighted sky (levels and curves in photoshop)



When I saw last posted image I decided to increase the contrast on buildings area and made it a little bit darker…