Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Julien Daulte


Yes this works quite well Julien…I agree it’s still dark,but a good dark,James said it just right…you still are maintaining the feel and look/mood you wanted…good to see you on the right track…Keep it here now,and move on,this is looking very nice…:arteest: :arteest:


Glad to have found your entry Julien! You’re doing a great job here in a lot of aspects, and you are an example to many!
Thread bookmarked, and a supporter en plus!


Looking good I am waiting for more. When you going to update again?


Yes, this will work! Dark and moody with a sense of post-apocalyptic destruction! Yep, I like it. :thumbsup:



ace4016 ty for comment !

Virtuoso thanks for you feedback and support during all my work :arteest: !!!

Erik Heyninck :smiley: thanks happy de avoir un supporter en plus

||) |V| |^| update will ariive soon… I didn’t stopp, but i got a lot of work for my last week before to go in hollydays… :wip: Thanks for support…

Cartesius thanks man for all your kindness and comments. Als usual Anders :beer: … hehe

Sorry that I didn’t visit so regulary your thread too but in this time I work like a crazy before the ending of this work week before Christmas. I will comming visiting you thread during my hoolydays and post some crits too. Until now you have all my support for your great works. Thanks to pass here and post some comments and ecouragements. It’s really appreciated !!!

Another detail… I allredy up-date my application so now I go to Cinema r9 with my work, hope works all fine and I don’t loose to many time… will see this crazy experience how goes far :wip:



good one, you’ll find it’s a big improvement :slight_smile:


:smiley: that’s absolutely true…


After jump in the new version of Cinema I continue to work on it.

I change some colors and add different deformation on the bigger buildings…


edit: als usual click on image to view it bigger


Hey JD, the scene looks really good. As it is, it feels a little dark and gloomy but when you add in your ships and their lights it should create a nice contrast.


and next I will add the rain of rapido fly in the sky, some smoke (if I can…) and much more details on texture…


click on image to view it larger


Hi jddog,

I like your concept. Good work so far… keep going


Julien… where are you ??? then… I hope the best for you… for your loves ones… in 2005…

…love, health, work, art…



Have a happy new year!


Back from hollydays…Happy new year to you too !!!

Time to get back at work!!! haha… gosh not so many time…



I’m so happy you come back… hurry up my friend… tic-tac tic-tac tic-tac :bounce:

I hope you take good rest… maybe skiing ? no ? :smiley:


Sleeping (a lot), drink chamapagne and eat excellent plates :scream: noo skiing this year… I was so tired.


Hey Julien, great to see you back!




Here we are… well I really don’t have much time to work more on textures… here probably the final status of my image (will add some minor details…) but now I will work on lights and smoke fx.

Blur is made using psd



it is ok but i think that the aeroplains are to blury!


mmm yep that true… this efx will be add like a post-fx and really more accurately… thanks to bring this to my attention !