Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Julien Daulte


here some details of my last render… I start to have some problems now. Probably I need to start to work on textures and lights and stopping adding details until what I have ow will be all ok… Addim more thing will probably make me lost in a large ammount of details and I will not have enought time to work on the important element like textures and lights…

following other details…



Here I will add the grass and different element + a crashed rapidofly… I will just create the hole…


Here a problem of lights and texture for example… the street lamp (blue arrow) become invisible and for me this illumination looks lige a spont in the air and not a street lamp…


Like the background… I will take a real breack on this (include the sky efx) and try to fix me correctly with the first elements of my scene, then jump to study the background

C&C welcomes,



Hi Julien…I like the large broken down buiding shot,it shows alot of what you are aiming for Julien…Nice efect,a nice contrast…The last ones are hard to make out,a bit dark,but i think that lights will be “Vital” in your plans here,they will be the biggest part of your success with this…The layout has turned out real well…Ok I’ll wait for more to comment further,your getting through this quite well,keep at it,and get some more shots up of the last idea you showed,I would be interested to see more of what you are after with the streetlamp…Take care Julien,work hard…:arteest: :beer:


Just quoting yourself, because what you said is exactly the thing to do here :thumbsup: Think about some main focus of the final image, and build the lighting to fit with that.


agreed, seems to be a damn easy trap to fall into in 3D though :hmm:

Very nice updates all the same Julien! :thumbsup:


Very nice updates, Julien! Like you say, focus on the big picture and leave the details for later. Keep it up! :thumbsup:



Virtuoso thanks so much… we workin hard :arteest:

James + Flying :smiley: + :bounce: so I’m on the right way…

Anders hehe :beer: thanks…

so next step lights and textures… :wip: got to work…



your scene looks very nice it has a really nice mood

cant wait to see how lights and textures are going to be.:thumbsup:


Thx for your kind comments in my entry, amazing work in here as well. I was so impressed by the clouds in your previous submissions, hope they´ll be back:) Great level of details, I know it´s harder to make some destroyed models, than to make nice clean models. Harder to make things fit together. Seems like you still need a lot of work done, don´t we all? Keep it up, and thx again.


Here we are…
Starting to texture all background elements. Until now no special light work is made, will be the next step.

Probably the cloud they will be colorized using some lights later, but until now I will maintain some dark, loud and fearly sky.

Click on image to view it bigger



Lelantos thanks for your support :thumbsup:

Kragh man you’r welcome… thanks for your comment too and hope you like the sky and cloud that I’ve made…

For all supporter :scream:
I got so much work that in this last day I didn’t come to watch your up-dates/threads.
I run like a crazy rabbit everywhere to finish all my prof. work, and I will absolutely finish this work too. Sorry for that… but next week probably I will visit your works and post some comments.



It’s a bit dark… but I like so much the clouds… I think with a little color that will be better… basic grey is poor and also rare…

Courage man… :thumbsup:


Merci Lemog ! Well dark sure, I have only one light all fill lights need to be placed. For the color I take note and will see what happend using some lights on the back of the cloud models/texture… thanks

go to work :wip:



Here an example with 3 lights, the sun like the image before a light (red) on the baack of the clouds and just a simple light to illuminate the buildings (so the image will be not so darker…)

click on image to view it bigger



Much better! The previous was far too dark… now it’s still dark, but a good dark :smiley: No, seriously, it works… dark but still visible. Perfect.

Just one thing… with this gloomy lighting situation, I’d say the shadows stand out as being a little bit too sharp. Depending on how the ground textures will look, you could either get away with a standard soft shadow, or worst case scenario - you’ll have to use area shadows :scream:


mmmmmh… yes… I prefer like that… more rich… the remaining now… :scream:


james thanks you ! Agree, until now I use a hard shadows and not so high AA setting to speed up the render test… In any case shadows will change becasue I will add all lighst, fire and some action for thsi final image so step by step you will see more and more shadows and if is possible will use soft and :rolleyes: area shadows

Lemog Merci pout le support…

go to work :wip:



I like the scene, has a war plagued feeling to it. Can’t wait to see your next update.