Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Julian Lloyd


Julian Lloyd has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.


I’m not exactly the best photoshop artist (you can see I used steven’s cloud tutorial, etc…) but this was the best I could do to express my idea.

kinda wish I could do it better to get across the full idea, but I think u get it. basically this civilization (which is being invaded) uses devine protection from these 3 “guardians”

…just my first idea, but I kinda like it

Edit: thanks to steven again… if I hadnt found a tutorial on drawing clouds, I’da been really at a loss when it came to this concept!

also, the “guardians” are currently just generic figures… they wont look like that in the final product and you cant see the huge castle they’re defending!!


I love the simplicity of this image - very Art Deco to my eyes. A nice, bold statement. You’re slagging your own artwork, but I think this concept sketch can be considered as half-way done… I love the clouds, perhaps straighten them up a little bit, and perhaps some more detail on the ships for the next revision, but I honestly like this the way it is now.


There seems to be no concentration of power in your composition. The elements feel a little of balance.

I agree with the previous post about the art deco look. Very bold. I think that it is working in your favor.

But I would reconsider some differnt arrangement of elements to get more of a sense of conflict. Niether the space invadors or the Guards seem powerful or intimidating, which I am assuming should not be the case.

Good work keep it up.


I like the concept, it’s very original, but I struggle with a few things:
- First of all, don’t beat up your work so much, that’s why it’s called WIP
- Are the guys on the pedastals firing at those ships or are they defending also. If they are attacking, it would probably add some excitement to the scene to see one of them exploding.
- How is the higher cloud behind a planet, I can’t quite figure this out, but hey, it’s sci-fi so who knows.
- Very nice use of colors for a start


yeah i agree put some stuff blowing up, it will add alot more.


The idea of having divine intervention is great… i thought about having god type figures in mine.

To be quite honest i like the composition and stuff as it is, the characters really look like their up against it, and are saving their planet from HUUUUGE enemy forces. I think the way the picture is composed helps to display how even human sized beings can defend against such large foes. The humans/gods look tiny and helpless being pushed to the far right of the pic, but the strength of their powers is still holding the bad guys off! I like this alot! :slight_smile:


unique idea, having those figures fighting off the others. Some explosions and possible one of the guys getting shot down might we be a cool idea. good luck with this challenge :slight_smile:


wow love you guys…
Im so used to posting work on here and it getting buried within minutes. I was sorta shocked to wake up from my nap and actually see it at the top… anywho, I agree with a lot of what was said;

I plan on having ships exploded and possibly crashing into each other…

I also thought about:

  1. adding a gigantic castle behind the gaurdians…
  2. making the guardians larger than normal humans, by showing some tiny figures (1/10 the size) on the platform below the guardian’s platform.

simple because I dont think I can make the ships look big enough or intimidating enough, without making the energy blasts out of proporsion (im trying to stay away from DBZ style energy blasts)

and 3. making the gods struggling more to contain their power… their current stance is rather effortless…

heheh…and about the moon being infront of the cloud :slight_smile: …dunno!

talk about inspiring, i thought i was done with photoshop for today…heheh, ill post some updates!


a revision of my first idea…

basically just more thoughtout and then executed… the previous image was basically the basics of my idea, this portrays the more general image.

thanks to everyone for their kind comments…



I think it’s a very nice concept, Gremlin… and your sketches beat mine. :slight_smile:

A couple of ideas (if I may):

If the point of view was looking over the shoulder of one of the defenders it might inspire a more ‘epic’ feel. Especially if the defender is standing atop a high tower with the city sprawled far, far below. And if you’re looking over the shoulder of the rear-most defender you’d be able to see the other two in front battling from their perches.

A single, titanic, massive ship (flanked by many smaller craft) would make a more impressive enemy. Something that darkens the skies.

I love the idea and will keep tabs on this project. Good luck!



hey thanks…
yeah, see heres the issue…

i wanted there to just be 1 guardian (thats way more kickass) but I couldnt show him shooting and combating an enemy energy blast, because there would just be too many light beams, too close to the camera; so I make the primary guardian shooting off in the distance, and the ones in the distance to show what hes shooting at. I could try different angles… I dunno

also, ur idea about a huge ship is what i initially intended, but like the above, perspective and size are a REAL issue here; its hard to fit in all i want… anywho, just started messing around with some modeling; heres one of the four pillars that support the gaurdian’s tower


This is part of the Guardian’s tower, right below where the guardian stands.

I’m just sort of playing around, getting a feel for the style I want… I think I might add some rocks and vegetation on the top where the guardian’s stand; dunno…


holy crap! so intricate! nice modeling keep it up!


I agree… that is beautiful modeling. :thumbsup:

It is a challenging problem. If I can come up with any ideas on how to fit the city below, the guardian, the attacking ship, and the other stuff I’ll post.

The image size will help keep crowding down; 2657 x 3636 is a big pic!


wonderful work there …the style is very classic a pleasure to look at … if this is an indication of the rest of it , this will be a really nice piece

ya got thumbs up from me :thumbsup:


thanks a lot!
I’ve actually got a new render… well, I COULD have one if my maya didnt keep crashing, the scene must be too dense, the memory usage is killing my system; and I dont think I can render dirtmap in passes without it looking a little funky.

[edit] oh this is just great… my scene file for just the freaking tower is 180MB…lol, I need some scene file management, because this is so out of control; this is JUST THE TOP OF THE TOWER!! (heh, its 1.73 million polygons…all that damn detail)


That guardian idea is really original, I don’t think there were any “super-hero” stuff done until now in this competition.

Just try to not make them too different, I think it would look less coherent. I really like how you’ve used shadow and light on the guardian on the first plan, and his pose is nice though I think you could try to make the picture look more dynamic and epic just by the pose you give to the guardians.


Man this certainly is greek to me. :stuck_out_tongue: Love the colossal statuete feel. Nice! Maybe u could have a secondary backup artillery behind these mighty warriors. It will look like some sort of the lead and can add some dynamic staging. What say? :slight_smile:



I love the concept image you’ve created. The posture of the figures, atop Greco-style pedastals is cool when juxtaposed against the cityscape and alien skyline.