Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: jose alejandro cardona


jose alejandro cardona has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.


start of this length but spectacular space process

sorry for my englihs:)


welcome and buena suerte!


this zelta is a soldier of the troops, where it participated in the defense of its planet, that invaded by the ships of gurukays.
character name: lanzer image1, trokk image2


nice characters, maybe a concept for the entire scene? will be a ground battle? o one-on-one match?


advance of one of the character




something of advance of this character, who personified the enemy troops of the defenders and defend yet his armament wings ships and invaders.

commentary umm?..thanks

colombia viva…


dig the character, like the concept and the early modeling, but ya gotta post thoes pics through the challenge. otherwise they wont count em’ for your work in progress :smiley: but the models are lookin good so far! keep up the good work!



thanks for everything, of course seguire offered humbly a good one modeled and I hope that you also thanks friend


I am tired a little, I am going away to sleep awhile, tomorrow with the process next


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