Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jorge Lescale Muciño


Jorge Lescale Muciño has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: final version

heres my final image…i made some corrections to it…i made some changes to the smoke…and depht of field…also contrasted a bit the warriors…but didnt changed the lights…added some fog in certain points…but not too much…put closer the transport ship so it looks better now.

very sightly changes that help this image to look better…thanx to all you advice


tsss…tsss…ready to bite!


How wonderful…I get to be first in welcoming you Jorge…I am very happy to see you in.And look forward to high level creations.A wonderful Space Opera…Now get at it hard and with your usual flare and talent.Great to see you in…:buttrock: :arteest:


Hiya Jorge,

Great to see you here, Looking forward to your work :thumbsup:


welcome aboard mate , im glad that you make it. Now lets back to work , waiting for updates

Good luck:thumbsup:


Bien bien, parece ser que esto se pondra realmente bueno! hehe a darle duro a darle duro que si no, no acabamos!



wow mates…thanx for the welcome words…i still have a few work to do outside the challenge …but who doesnt…?

is time to warm up engines and see what we can do…
sketching cooking…
thanx again mates…


I was wondering if you were going to join, cool that you have :bounce:


Jorge, mucho gusto! I’ve seen your work and is fantastic! I’m in the process of learning how to work with XSI, a friend suggested this forum as a good way to learn and I have to agree with him, all the material and all the help somebody gets here is impressive. So good luck and I look forward to see your ideas!
Jorge V.


Welcome Jorge! Is good to see you here muahahaha :twisted:


flyingP: yes i finally enter this one…is a great challenge!!

JorgeV: hola tocayo!..yes u can get nice feedback in this forum…thanx for support

mosconariz: gracias!..translation: thanx!..


If it’s OK with you…I have bought up 4 seats in the front row and center for this…Just waiting for the fun and fireworks…:arteest: :cool:


:bounce: I knew u wouldn’t resist in such a temptation u Mexican Rattlessssnake…hehehe…glad to see u in man…now i have one more to tease …:bounce:

Let’s see what u will come up with BUBBLE NUTTY!

Have fun


I like your job.

Let´s show your art :slight_smile:



hey rattlesnake … yah made it :thumbsup: was wondering if you were gonna pop your head up for this

i got my seats next to Virtuoso and will be waitin for the curtain to open on this show


hey friends…im very happy to see youre following this one!..thanx for support…
i have started working on my sketch officialy today…i hope to post very soon my idea…thanx u!


ok the story goes like this:

the story take place in an other galaxy wich is older

than ours so this allows much more development for some

planets inside of it. Not just tech development but

spiritual. Development in this areas doesnt decrease evil

thoughts of some militar and goverment leaders, this

just gives them more power to get what they want.

Im going to talk about the starters in this story:
“Koox” civilization
“Kinnah” civilization
I.A.:Intergalatic affairs

this civilization has the most powerful technology ever

created for military purpose…so this make war become

their business and theyre trying to use their tech to

destroy other civilizations to showcase their weapons and

proof theyre the best in that so they can sell their


is the oldest civilization in galaxy…they get all their

knowledge asking their oracle and their gods are taking

care of them…this civilization hasnt high tech

resourses…but they use their gods powers to create

powerful weapons…
their planet is the most beautiful and rich planet in all


this is a fundation that takes care of the intergalatic

peace…and they will participate in any war to stop


the facts:
Koox needs to sell some weapons cos their economy depends

on it and also their population is increasing…so they

decided to attack and conquer Kinnah planet to solve their problem.
Kinnah tribe has been warned by their oracle and their

gods are giving them now the power to defend their land.

Kinnah weapons may look old fashion but they will have

the enough power to battle face to face Koox.
I.A: will try to stop this but theyre not interested to

help Kinnah, theyre interested in eliminate Koox and take

control of Kinnah tribe…cos they also want the planet

for their own benefit…

Any aproach af tis story with our galaxy or planet real

facts are just coincidence :slight_smile:

so lets party!


Cool story man…now of u go for thoughts:arteest: and then poly-crunch :bounce:


Well it’s about time,where you been keeping us all waiting Jorge my man…:cool:

Like that story,nice balance and lots of potential for various models of differing style…Now you do know I’ll be watchin with “Both” my eyes don’t you?:cool:

Heres to crunching the livin Hell out of those Polys…And doing it with style,as I know you will…:arteest:



welcome to the challenge… eager to see your first sketches ;p
good luck!