Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jonathan Wilson


Jonathan Wilson has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.


Its the year 2132…the day of mars has past. Almost a hundred years ago to the day man embarked upon a mission to mars…one that would ultimately lead to settlment of the desolate planet. One problem existed. With a new life on mars, mankind made a new start for itself. This meant no nuclear weapons, no weapons at all to be exact were permitted on mars.
There was one flaw in this utopian ideology. Without weapons, there was no protection. So alas, all the martian population could do when a thousand meter comet was headed for thier new civilization, was to disembark…


getting some good martian colors :thumbsup:
im thinking of doing a fade between renders, one of the colony dispersed, then another with the eye shot, then blending the two for the effect…not sure yet though


VERY nice concept man, bringing the whole idea back down to a single figure. The reflection in the eye could work really well and give fantastic impact. Also really nice concept paintings, good colour and composition.

Can’t wait to see this one.



thanks alot dave, yeah the whole idea of singularity of space, i just thought of something momentous and visually impacting
some renders tests soon


by the way, could be tears of sadness that thier planet is about to be mutilated by a hundred thousand megaton peice of rock or tears of joy? was civilization not meant for mars? maybe planet earth was “home” afterall


The ancient and original martian city of Mare de Libertas was home to the first monument on Mars, the obeliesk of Kieth Richards(named after the first man to Mars , which incidently was Keith Ricards from the Rolling Stones, chosen for his seemingly immortalness and ability to breath in massive amounts of toxic fumes or no air at all and still manage to rock hard). From this vantage point, the meteor is seen hurtling towards the blessed monument moments from destruction.


Intresting concept. It has real potential to be iconic with that simple, strong image. good luck!


glad you think so…ill be hoping to get to know some of you better, love everybodys work! just a noob here


some rough texturing and lighting here…just trying to still feel out what im doing here


HEY! YOU STOLE MY IDEA! lol seriously I had a simular plan. I was going to have a young girl looking out at earth as it was blowing up (which you could see in the reflection in a tear) in the background was going to be a large habitat pod type thing.

Oh well yours I am sure will turn out much better because I suck lol I wasnt going to seriously do it anyway. :thumbsup: Good job cant wait to see more


pretty new to this place myself but WELCOME! I got to say the first image is stunning! i really like how you conveyed the emotion with the shape of the eye and also the tear beginning to fall. Good stuff man!-Bair


Ok just made up a model of the eye, need to work on eyelids, creases, lashes and such, cant wait to texture this sucker…I know this project isnt as model intensive as most of everyone elses, but I think that Ive got my work cut out for me to get the lighting exactly right…


[left]double post


heres a wire:)


testing out some texturing and lighting…trying to incorporate some reflections in the eye…im also wanting to convey a feeling of despair…hope im getting close!


just a mockup to get a feel for it…im leaning away from this whole idea now…no feedback lately so maybe this is just too boring? oh well


I like a lot the concept. To see a big event reflected in a single eye… way cool.



This one could be really cool, but I think you need to understand eye anatomy on an expert level to make it work. The eye is complex and the way it reflects light from within is tricky (the iris seems to emit light because of the light that is reflected from within the eye)

If you do a google images search on eye anatomy you will find lots of helpful images.

Good luck!



ok new concept…hope this will go well