Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jonas Silius


Thanks Friend, again for the help in this quest, may the fork, opps… the force be with You to :slight_smile:
Alexander Thank You Friend, once again, thank You for the feedback and all the help in this challenge!
You can have no doubt about my vote :wink:
Wish You the very best!

It has been a wonderful challenge :cool:


Oh I see you’ve finished!
Poor cargo ship :frowning: C’est la vie…
Isn’t it a great feeling after succseeding with final image?!
Especialy when a couple of month passed…
My first experience in I’d say “public coop”.
Really great time!
Wish you success!

P.S.: and also my first exp in voting the works :slight_smile:


Deryk heh, yeap, that poor ship :slight_smile: but who is going to win, no one knows :slight_smile:
Yes its very great feeling when submiting the final image, souch a relief :bounce:
Well, now where gonna wait for the next challenge, its not far away ya know :buttrock:
Cya Volodymyr!


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