Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jonas Silius


Hi again :slight_smile:
This is the textured Kurtan Cargo ship.
The textures are brazil wax, and are placed on the model by adding a blend material.
Hope You like it.


Hi all!
I’ve changed the glows for the engines and added a diferent laser glow, and some small changes to the textures.
Hope You like it :slight_smile:


Hello everybody! :slight_smile:
This is the Muhdan planet and here is the whole mess is going to be.
Man this was a though one (texturing this planet). Ive used satelite photos as reference images. The texture size is 8000x8000 px D: And my computer almost crashed down durin rendering of this one when ive rendered it in full rezolution (my pc is an old bastard: 850Mhz Athlon with 512Mb of SDRam…)
Anyways, tell me what You think about it :slight_smile: C&C is what i need!


nice tests.

  1. The planet texture looks really good. Giid job. But don’t forget to add atmosphere and some glow behind the planet.
  2. laser glow should be very, very thin. And generaly the laser shot itself should be a bit thinner.
  3. The glow in the engines should be less transparent, and a bit longer(in compersion with the modelled core of the glow)

hope it helps a bit:)


Artur thanks man, Your coments are always helpfull :slight_smile: Yes the planet is going to receive its glow, and thanks very much for the crit about laser and engine glows, its really helpfull :slight_smile:


so, ships are getting more and more original in design!
That Cargo and Assalut ones are really someth. off-terrain…
I like planet color as in general red-green rithm is really not bad.

Waiting for your composition assembly…

my Space Opera page>>


Deryk thanks man :slight_smile: have been studying these last days to pass my exam, and now gonna be working as strong as i can :bounce: think that gonna post a planet update with atmosphere this evening.


Hello everybody!
Mkay, this is the muhdan planet with some atmosphere added (many thanks for vampeta for material) :slight_smile:
Hope You like it!


Hello everyone!
Here is a composition test, that ive done today, its not finished so please tell me what You think about it :wink:
I need suggestions and advises.

P.S. Ive applied a diferent texture to the Muhdan planet cause otherwise max crashes down…


More green ships closer to the camera. A bit more small in the background(but I think you can copy and paste and resize them in post).


Artur yes thanks You :slight_smile: i also thought that i might i add an explosion or smth cause there gonna be some lasers fireing.


Yeah that´s a great Image.

I love your ships, and your composition / yust great.

If you like…here is some possible help.

:: Make the the sphere with the transparent Material smaller (maybe i gife you some wrong coordinates :wink: ) at the moment it looks a bit like a sphere in a glas-sphere… if you make it just a few units larger then the Planetsphere you get the desired effekt.

:: Place the main light far behind the planet and more to the left. The Atmosphere-Material will more look like an real Atmosphere. (That´s the problem with this Material, it looks great when it´s lightend from behind.

:: I love your previus Planet-texture more. try to scale it down and repeat it more. (my planet-texture is just 1500x1500 pixel but i repeated it more.) Remember you need a end resolution at 3620x2200 pixel, your planet takes 30% from the whole Image, i think 2000x2000 pixel is more than enough.

I hope it helps you a bit!
Good luck & Hurry up! I whish you the best!



Hello again!
Ok, ive resized the planet texture to 4096x4096 and now max doesnt crash down :smiley: Wipie! (thanks for the advise to azazel and vampeta).
Made the planet atmosphere thniner (thnx to vampeta)
Added more ships, so PLEASE tell me what You think cause in a couple of hours i’m going to go render the scene at my friends house…


vampeta thanks man, thank You very much :slight_smile: Your advises helped alot :bounce:
ok, going to do the lighting now… cya


Ok, this is the lighting setup that ive done, think that gonna light a little bit the Kurtan Fighter in upper left side of the image. This is very low quality just to see the how everything looks, no textures are applied, just default gray materials.

Ok, gotta run render everything, cya!

P.S. Many thanks to vampeta for explaining how light setup should look :wink:


Hello again :slight_smile:
Ok, thanks to my friends new PC ive rendered evertthing last evening :smiley:
But had to do it in 7 layers dough…
Anyways, now its time to do some post effects.
See yall!


Hello everyone!

The Story of todays bad things…

Man i had one crazy day today! First of all, when i woke up i thought that gonna finish the image and upload and done, BUT my hdd was making these strange sounds (the ones that it makes when a bad cluster is inside) :confused: well, i couldnt load my windows and i couldnt get any info from my hard drive :confused: so i had almost none hope to finish this challange, but then i remembered that i have a cd with all my images and alpha channels :smiley: hey hey, rushed to my neighboors and now i’m almost done with the image :smiley:

End of story.

Ok now about the image, ive added a starfield, the main sun, some lasers, bit more glow to the planet and thats for now. Still gona add more lasers from the Kurtan fighters(small green ships) and a grainy effect to make it look like a photo.

Seeya and god luck to You all!


Whipie!!! The final image, atlast!!! :smiley:
Ohh man these were 3 long and very fun months :slight_smile:
Right, now first of all i want to thank all of You that suported me trough this challange. Special thanks to arturro, azazel, Deryk and vampeta!
Very big thanks to the whole community for this amazing challange! Ive learned so much in these 3 months that i couldnt learn in 1,5 years.
Well, i cant say that i’m to happy of my image, it could look better (as we all say), but the time has ended.
Btw, the software that i forgot to mention is 3D Studio Max & Adobe Photoshop.
But this was my first challange and the first time that ive done something BIG like this! So dont judge me to cruel :wink:
Mkay, now for the uploading to the ftp…

You can all post what You think of this image.

Thanks You all again VERY much and see You all in the next challange!


Congratulations my friend! Good to see you among the winners! Because if you finished it, you certainly are a winner. You won new experience and got new skills. From the challenge to challenge you will be better and better:) I wish you best and let the force be with you:)


Hi friend,

That image is fantastic and i love it! :bounce:

I agree with arturro YOU ARE A WINNER! there are so many people here who did not finished the job. But you dit it! Congratulations!

100% Vote by me is 4 sure :wink:

Hope to see u often here.
I whish u good luck!