Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jonas Silius


arturro thanks, ive darkened the diffusion map to make the color a bit darker and also made the spec level map darker, now imo it looks quite alright :slight_smile: Gonna post it later.


I’m new to image texturing a whole ship, this challenge is my first attempt.
Looks like you might try texturing the whole ship more rustically.

my 3d entry


Interesting. I am color blind but it seems kinda hard to tell the surface on all that. Anyway, modeling is looking good. Keep it up. Have a happy new year!


Hello i’m back after the holidays :slight_smile: And now lets get back to work.

userBrian well, dunno about the rust, doesnt seem to be logical that ships that have never been in an environment that has oxygen would rust.

||) |V| |^| thanks, gonna try to fix the surface problem, or maybe leave it like it is, dunno, if there will be enough time.


Hi all!
Thank You all for the feedback and great C&C :slight_smile:
Ok, now hope to finish this on time, so this is still wip shichil fighter textures, and now its time to get soe sleep, gonna finish it tomorow in the morning.

Tell me what You think about it.
See ya!


nice idea for the texture, but please change this white color:) I think that some very dark red could work, and I would make this thin part between front and back part also the same very dark red. Waiting for more:)


I find myself agreeing with arturro alot. A dark color would work better where the white is. It would make this look more menacing. Keep at it.


Artur & ||) |V| |^| yes, i thought that the white color doesnt apply here much :slight_smile: heh gonna change it…


Hi again!
Mkay, this is what i think finished textures of the ship, but tell if You think theres something wrong, ok :slight_smile:

Maps used: Color, Diffusion, Reflect, Spec. Level and Bump.
The reflection map is a default falloff map with fresnel type.




And why is your mesh not smooth?? why those faces???


Darkone2652 first of all, You dont have to yell that much, this is my first time i ever textured something. And second, the maps arent so obcious cause the textures arent detailed enough (not enough time). The ship has turbosmooth applied but with the smoot result unchecked to give it angrier look. And i’m happy for You if You can do all those things just with a color map, esspecialie the spec level…


Hi Silius,
interesting sport-like design.
Speaking about textures: I suggest that you add more detail. I mean some dirt, seams in a “skin” ect.
Actually seams could be added with bumps. Darker zones could be also added on frontal edges of wings as they “suffer” more from air preassure/friction during the flight.
And overall bumping is really better to make more strong (even if is not jet much detailed)
But generally I find the ship having really strong feeling of a speed :slight_smile:
wish you good working

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I’ve made a mistake in your nik-name, Kaksht…


Deryk thanks man, thats really helpfull, gonna fix it right after i eat my breakfast :slight_smile: Really helpfull adwise, thanks.


Mkay, this is the Kurtan fighter textured. The textures arent too high quality, cause its a very small ship, trust me :slight_smile:
Ok, i’ve used a mask material in which i’ve plased two brazil wax shaders to give it a nice SSS. Just painted the mask to give this kind of look. Ohh and the yeallow pats have also a dark green/yeallow luminosity color.
C&C please.


Nice light effect on the back. I understand lower texture quality due to size / distance from the camera. You gotta do what you can to make the impact you need. Keep at it!


Mkay, added some “dirt” so it would have some color variations :slight_smile:
C&C please.


||) |V| |^| thanks mate :slight_smile:


Now ship looks better with irregularities.
Maybe you can make those lunchers on the back (lunchers, rigth?) more dark (even black).
But I have doubts that ship gets more angry look with faces than when it smoothed. I recomend to smooth your ship - beleive me it will give better result!


Deryk once again thanks :slight_smile: well, actualie these on the back are radars, not lauchers, so imho they dont need no darkening. And about the smooth result, gonna do a render on that, but after i’m done with the shichil cargo ship textures…