Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jonas Silius


arturro mkay, gonna search the help file, anyways, thanks You very much for Your help! Good luck to You to!


vampeta thanks man :slight_smile:


hey that exsost looks great, but i suggest u strach it a lit… and u might wanna use 2 objects to simulate ur rocket jet… keep up the good works mate… :arteest:


overcontrast thanks mate, i’ll do that lated, cause now i’m trying to unwrap the UVW map…


o tu velnias kaip galejau nepastebet lietuvio :slight_smile: shauniai einas zmogau sekmes

Gl & have fun


pand-aren swx, aciu zmogau :slight_smile: heh, prikolnai atrodo kai cia lietuviskai skaitai.


Hi. I like your models, they look great, I only have a doubt, are your workin whit different elements that aloud you to texturise separatly. If you don,t your should, I hopo to see some texture updates soon. Keep going that way, I am agree with when your say that is better to make your imagea realistic and not a cartoon.

Work hard and enjoy it.


Interested to see how you texture your ships. Yes, what is SSS
texturing? I just tried my first ship texturing on my thread. Lots
to learn. And I gotta add engine glows soon…I’ll be back.

my 3d entry


SnakeFarlow thanks. Well i’m unwraping them like one model, just dunno what you mean exactly :slight_smile: Now the textures are going really slow, just dunno if i have the time to finish everything on time :shrug:
userBrian thanks man.


Mkay now, atlast ive managed to unwrap the legs of the ship, damn thats hard work (about 5 hours for every leg)… Now for the “head” :slight_smile: and zen ze painzing.

Thanks guys for all the feedback! :slight_smile:


Mkay, so ive managed to texture this ship, and now i just need to know what You think about it :slight_smile:
Theres a color, bump, specular, diffusion and luminosity maps here.
I need C&C, please! :slight_smile:

P.S. This is the first time i’m texturing something…


good model man… its good you have a uv map for the ship but also what will help you out texturing is some procedural textures… hmm not sure what they call em in maya or max i think shaders… what ever it is look in to gettin some layers to your texture… but great start man keep it up


hi jonas,
good lob so far! if u have time , try wings3d , it’s uv map feature is very effecient! at least it works with me! good luck ! wait for your update


vrhead thanks, dunno about the shaders, maybe if there will be some time, but for now, there isnt spare time…

monsitj thanks man, maybe i’ll try wings3d later :arteest:


cool ship - looking very agressive in attack form - kind of reminds me of an attacking crab. just an idea: have you thought of giving it a red texture? good luck with the uvw mapping :slight_smile:


ereitz hey, now Your post kinda gave me a smile, cause at first ive made the base color red and then changed it :slight_smile: Ok, gonna change it tomorow and see how it looks, now its time for a good sleep, cya.


Hi Kaksht,

You’re doing a great job here! I like your ship designs. For your ship texture I would recommend maybe adding some kind of noise to the blue parts to make it look less solid, looks good so far though! :slight_smile:

Keep it up! :thumbsup:


Mkay, now this is the render with red as base color :slight_smile:
Tell me which to leave, the red or the green (of some kind) :slight_smile:

C&C are allways welcome :wink:


Eagle_e7 thanks man :slight_smile: mkay, gonna try to do that.


I like it, but I think that the color of the ships should be a little bit darker and with lower saturation. This consideres both color versions. I don’t know which is better, I like both:)