Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jonas Silius


well yeah i know that the last kurtan figter has no detail, but its gonna be quite far from camera and it will be small, i think that youll see it when i get it all in one scene.


Hi again, now this is the last ship that i’m going to model. This is the big one (in the size i mean). Now the fighters are always traveing with it in the mushroom like looking docks :slight_smile:
Gonna tweak this one a little bit more, but not much.
Thanks for all of You that replied, that really keeps me up!
C&C are very wellcome.
Good luck to You all!


hey your models are very strange they look like organic but it’s cool keep that style :slight_smile: gl


good models man:thumbsup:


hmmmm those looks really cute…i like the tenderness in ur modeling… but its not really my taste… u got a lot of round shapes… o btw i really liked those red ships of urs… there really nice looking… well there u have it… c ya l8rz :thumbsup: keep up the great works


Divaise - thanks, well You see, the first two ships belong to Shichils and the last two - to Kurtans. Shichils are an agressive race, something like space pirats of some kind. And Kurtans are trading race, and they are being attacked by Shichils while bringing one of their products to a customer. So with the softness i try to achieve a non agressive look of the ships.

d-tox - thanks man!

overcontrast - thanks, i appreciate Your compliment about the Shichil fighter :slight_smile:


So, ive added some volume light to represent the engine glows and placed a cone with glow in the middle of the engines to give the nice white glow. I will change the glows of the engines in all previous ship models, cause the spot light does it much better then an omni.
C&C are allways welcome!


looks like a lot of marine creature inspired work, interesting geometry, I like!



paladin6303 thanks :slight_smile: actualie for the last ship i was more inspired by 5th element, if i understand Your post corectlie.


Hi there! Nice effort here! I like the different styles of your models. Do you want to go with the cartoony style of your final image, or rather serious and closer to the reality?


Just a small update to show how the new engine flames and glows look like.
C&C are always welcome!


arturro thnank You for Your opinion, well i’m not gonna do a cartoon, going to do something more realistic, atliest try to do so :slight_smile:


You have some really interesting designs for ships. If you were going for non cartoony, It seems that it would be crucial to texture em right… Might i suggest a organic texture maybe with SSS for the rounded ships. Making the ships look alive


I think that it would b ebetter to use a gradient like glow. with a white color inside, blue or red or orange after it… to understand better what I mean, look on these Dimitris’s entries:

for this purpose, such glow is much more realistic


Thx for the comments in my thread.

I like you soft shapes/models, very organic feeling. great work, I agree with arturro, work on the glows.

Keep it coming


LordApophis thank You for reply :slight_smile: Yes i’m gonna texture the last two ships organic way and the first two kinda metal of some kind or smth like that. Well i dunno what is an SSS so if You can, please explain what it means.

arturro well, ive looked at one tutorial to make that glow but couldnt find where i could place a gradient of that kind in the glow parameter pannel, can You help?
the tut ive used:

Kragh thanks man, if i figure out how to do the gradient glow then i’ll definetlie do so :slight_smile:


Hi there, you must add the lens effect glow through the video post! first add a camera to the video post(or a view to which you would like to add the glow, e.g. perspective) and then add lens glow effect, and the window there looks the same as the one on the tutorial. If you have any problems, then shoot me:)


arturro thanks man, that really helped, one question dough, is there a way to aply the glow and render it normal way (F10) and not every time trough video post?


As far as I know you have to do it through post… but I’m also just learning and don’t know all the possibilities. Search glow in the help file… I will also do it soon ,because I also need some glow to my ships.

Good luck man!


Hi Kaksht

Wow this booster flames look realy cool.
And i love your Models, they look pretty amazing:bounce: :bounce: .

Keep it up mate, and thanks 4 the great feedback in my quest.
I whish u the best.

See U