Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jonas Silius


Ok, this is the Shichil Fighter that is quite fast and manevereable. It has 2 Radars at the back, and 4 landing/hover engines on the bottom.
C&C are very welcome :slight_smile:
Thank You all for viewing my thread!


I like the ships that you are modeling…they are very original,and your scene is going to look very good indeed…perhaps adding some small details in the openings in the ships between the “armor” areas…they don’t have to be much…just simple primitives cylinders for hydrolics…some drawn out polys…ect…give the light something to reflect off of and will add a nice touch of beleivablility…that is just a sugestion though…I am sure you have everything under control…cheers

one more thing ,what app are you using…



Thanks man, i appreciate your estimation!
Thank you very much for the ideas, very helpful ideed, goona add some more details to the fighter :slight_smile:
I’m using 3D Studio Max.


I like both of your models.
Have you realized where you want to go with some idea or composition?

See this


Mkay, this is a small update of the fighter, ive addded a little more detail just behind the cockpit.
Please C&C :slight_smile:


kaajey thanks :slight_smile:
About the idea, its gonna be something like the concept scetch in the first page of the thread, but its not the end idea, think that i’m gonna do some changes to the scetch.


Don’t know if you were going for this, but that top image looks like a smilie face with four eyes and the bottom one kinda reminds me of a slug with wings, or maybe I’m just off my rocker. Anyhow, I like em, they’re fun.


well i defenetlie wasnt going for the kinda look that youwe described :slight_smile: Dunno, they arent looking for me like that.


You Are An Ecxelent Patternmaker And I Believe That You Have All That That A Designer De Pixar Has



Thanks man, i’m really flatterd :slight_smile:


cool designs. cant wait to see them textured


Ok, its has been a while since my last update, ohh, so little time and still so much to do, all the other things at the moment…
Anyways, here is the Shichil Fighter engine lights final (at least i think so).
Now come on, dont be shy, tell me what You think about it :slight_smile:
Need some critique…



thanks, well the texturing is going to be hard and painfull, but still, gonna have to do it, later…


Hi everyone, thatnks a lot for the support for all of You :slight_smile:
Well, this is the model of Kurtan Fighter (the small dots in the “scetch”) theres gonna be loads of them so ill keep em low poly.
Another update soon coming.

C&C are allways wellcome, help me here :slight_smile:


Ive added volume light to the engine, a PF to force the fireing of the Heavy PBC and some details to the ship itself.

C&C are very wellcome!
Good luck for everyone to!


Keep up the great work! As somebody else has already mentioned earlier on, I like the originality of your ships, it’s like they’re from 3 different worlds. What I’m finding the hardest is to come up with designs that don’t resemble anything that’s already been done. Congratulations on your designs and modeling. I look forward to seeing how you texture them and start to compose them in the final scene.



Thanks man, i’m really happy that You like those ships, dunno how i came up with de ideas, just started to model something, with little scetch help and there it is :slight_smile:
Well, the texturing is going to be quite hard i think, now i’m modeling the last (big cargo one) ship of Kurtans and then its up to the texturing part.
Good luck to You to!


As somebody else has already mentioned earlier on, I like the originality of your ships, it’s like they’re from 3 different worlds.

Agree to that great models cant wait to see these textured


thanks, i really appreciate that you like my ships :slight_smile:


, original design! good work so far! some suggestion is , it’s depend on how far your ship near or far from camera , i think some of your ship have to increase detail ,
good luck@!