Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jonas Silius


Jonas Silius has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: So, the Final image…

Whipie!!! The final image, atlast!!! :smiley:
Ohh man these were 3 long and very fun months :slight_smile:
Right, now first of all i want to thank all of You that suported me trough this challange. Special thanks to arturro, azazel, Deryk and vampeta!
Very big thanks to the whole community for this amazing challange! Ive learned so much in these 3 months that i couldnt learn in 1,5 years.
Well, i cant say that i’m to happy of my image, it could look better (as we all say), but the time has ended.
But this was my first challange and the first time that ive done something BIG like this! So dont judge me to cruel :wink:
Mkay, now for the uploading to the ftp…

You can all post what You think of this image.

Thanks You all again VERY much and see You all in the next challange!


Ok, now i know that i’m just suck on scetch drawing with mouse… But its the best that i can offer at this time…
Anyways, about the story:
While a Kurtan cargo ship guarded by dozens of small ships travels near the Mahdun planet, they are being assaulted by space pirates Shichils. When traveling the small guardian ships are surounding the big cargo ship, and when they are attacked they spread out and smash the opponent.
Thats for the moment.


Ok this is the beginning of the Shichil asault ship modeling, it isnt a detail model and has no mesh smooth yeat… But still to come :slight_smile:
Well i must confes that i havent had lots of time for the challenge and i dunno if i’m gonna make, but gonna try hard :slight_smile:
Thats it for now, stay tuned!


Oh nad by the way, C&C are very wellcome:slight_smile:


I like that model. cool design.
May be some wires and cabin in the middle or stuff like that will improve realism.

See this:


Thanks kaajey, i’ll maybe do some wires :slight_smile:


Ok, this is a small update of the Shichil asault ship. I’ve added just some more detail to the ship :slight_smile:
Again, C&C are very welcome!


More detail to the rear side of the ship. I thing that now i’m finished with this ship’s modeling. Btw, those are actualy guns (the two PBC’s ir front and rear) :slight_smile:

C&C are very welcome!


I like the desing of the ship, very original.
keep updating :thumbsup:


this is very nice design you showed here. Organic and technical at the same time. I like it. Maybe you should add some hint where is pilot’s window.


I have to say that i like it unsmoothed, angular, better - only i’d change that boxy thing in the middle. Unsmoothed version looks more aggresive, dangerous than the smooth, round one.


plaguelord - thanks man, i’ll updatew it as soon as possible :slight_smile:

turbinea - thanks, the pilot window is going to be in the front bottom, in the bulging thing, that ones not a gun :slight_smile:

azazel - hmm, i’ll think about it, maybe i’ll post the unsmoothed version later and you can decide then, which is better :slight_smile: btw, that boxy thing in the end now isnt quite boxy at all :scream:

Thank you all for posts, the support is really helpful!


This is the unsmoothedned version of the ship :slight_smile:


hi Jonas…
i agree with ‘azazel’… i also preffer unsmoothed version… looks much more agressive… though you may play with smoothing groups to get optimal result…
keep it up and cheers…


Well yeah, i’m gonna do it with NURMS subdivision smoothing but with smooth result box unchecked, that result IMO is the best :slight_smile:


I agree with the rest, try separete areas in Smoothing Groups, and you will get a great ship. Anyways now looks very good!


thanks man :slight_smile:
well, as i said, gonna do it without smooth result, cause with smoothing groups it looks really strange, the edges are sharp, while the rest is smooth…


Ok this is the final of modeling the Assault Ship.
Added the engine glow and the PBC is firing now :slight_smile:
C&C are more then welcome!


with all the static thrusters everywhere it’s so much fun to see manoeuvrable ones!

I like such details and the general design of the ship is cool, too , nice work !



Thanks man :slight_smile: