Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jerónimo Cabezas


• Well comeback emonimo, the Mohicalien looks good, my crit: maybe a bit more darker colors and decrease specularity a bit to reduce the plastic material look
good you are back i hope you had great vacations :thumbsup:


Hello, I’m alive, and trying to finish this with the little time I have…
This is the alien, I think I’ve finished with the skin, now I have to hurry to make the final image …
Crits are very wellcome … and good luck to all of you!!


Well, I started planing the final composition …Perhaps I’ll move some ships to make more sense of kaos …
Have a nice time


Fine job jeronimo…The head and texture work turned out real well.The compo you have set is also well done and set up nice,good space,nice range and scale…I would probably reduce the ships just a touch,but thats a minor thing.I hope to see you finish this just as you have planned,Work hard and well,good luck,and nice effort and results…:arteest: :beer:


• Hi Jeronimo! It looks great, good job!! :thumbsup:

• The only thing that “bothers” me are the little ships, they are a bit too dark against the others, maybe u should try bringing it a bit closer to the camera, so the foggy atmosphere affects only the big ships far away

• Keep Working hard pal! It is coming along very nicely…6 more days!! :bounce: I just can’t wait


I will move the dark one on the left.


I like the tone of the image, but the rock ledge looks like it’s coming out of the aliens mouth. A little odd placement.


Thanks a lot for your crits and advices, I really appreciate them… following some of those, I’ve made this little changes … hope you like it …
The final image is 99% finished some more adjustments and it would be ok!
Good luck!!


perfect space …but the only advice of me is increase the engine lights of the ships and why they are all in the right uper corner…(i hope i mean you what i was going to tell)bravo:thumbsup:


omg look at all those pigeon`s! hahaa kidding just!
yeah really historical pic! love it


nice escene, and the sunset is ok.
is amazing all that ships


looking good has a very nice cinematic feel, I think it could use some color variations thou




Well, first of all I want to thank to all of you your coments and crits… without them this image would not be the same (it would be worst of course)…
I think this is going to be the final image, but I dont post it like the final one because I think I could make some little changes …
Have a nice time and good luck to all of you!!


I like the progress of lighting at his face.

Good job! :thumbsup:

Good luck! :deal:


• 3 more days Jeronimo! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Here it is … The final image!!
Thanks to all of you for giving you suport, I have learned a lot.
Good luck!!


• YEAH Jeronimo! You DID IT! :bounce: I finished too come to see my thread when you find the time :slight_smile:


yes, great piece of work. I like the mood here and colors. My congratulations! you can calmly wait for the voting:)


Not until now did I find this thread… I really like the one-color setup and the way the texture for the alien and the land matches eachother. Beautiful, poetic work - I’m glad i found it. Good luck!


congratz mate… good pic!