Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jerónimo Cabezas


Really nice ship , the shape is great and the details are coming along really cool . You have a good progress here , keep on :thumbsup:


Its a great, great pleasure to read all your nice coments and crits …I’m realy grateful …
Here you have a very little update …


I reallly like the small details your putting on your models~
they look great~
keep posting~


nice nasa-looking ship jeronimo, keep those lovely details coming…:thumbsup: nice modeling.


Texturing test with the cabin of the ship …
Thanks for the replys and good luck!!


Very nice space ships models. Especialy space ship 02

Great details.


Well thought concept. Models and textures look perfect so far:thumbsup: I will only say that I prefered the bottom of the cockpit more close to the brown, not this grey. Now I can only wait for next updates! Keep it rollin man:buttrock:


Hey! I like the spaceship… It is original, I think the smoke from the propulsion it is pretty solid, and it looks like is falling with the gravitation… I like it :wink:


Nice texture update jeronimo…I like the worn beaten look.Very nice…Keep this up,I think you are doing a very nice job here.I’ll look for more,have fun,and go at it strong…:arteest:


You can’t image how much I appreciate your nice coments … :bounce:

Now I don’t have much time to work on the ‘space opera’, but I’ll try to post an update as soon as posible …
Thanks again, and good luck to all of you …


coooool man i like very much this textures good work :thumbsup:


Hey, I like your models, I only think that the wing cold be a litte bit longer, becouse the ship look very heavy and it seems to me that that wing will not suport the weight.

May be your could help me telling me how did you do the dirt. I am trying and, I didn’t get it.


• C’mon Jeronimo, It is time for Another great update :bounce:


Thaks to all of you for your support … long time since my last update, I’ve been on hollidays and there were no computers …
Well here you have a little update of the texturing of the ship … I have to hurry …
Good luck!!


Snakefarlow: here you have the textures I’ve made for the cabin … hope it helps …


Glad to see you are working again man!

What’s this yellow material all about…?
Needs a glass or something, isn’t it?

Nice work, hurry up!


Very slowly updates … To much work and a very few free-time…:frowning:
As you can see I started modelling the “mohicalien” … hope you like it …
Good luck!!


Just alittle update…


Well, I started with the textures of this guy … a lot of work left …
Crits are very wellcome…
Good luck!!


Hi emonimo

Nice texture, maybe you could fade it a little towards the front and graduate it as it goes towards the back of the head, I like it , its only a suggestion, I like your initinal concept its like a buda, overlooking the grand space war!

check my link

any comments welcome!

Regards Paul Patina!