Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jerónimo Cabezas


evolving in a very nice way.

I have a bit of scale problem here. ships appears to be very small and near from the cliff. Maybe the character will give a better ref. Or use atmospheric fog

Also, we humans are very fond of markings of all sorts on our vehicles. they would also add tiny colour spots on a picture which is very monochromatic (even if it was you intent, it often helps)


nice :slight_smile:

but the scene feels empty, try to give it more fog and atomosphere :slight_smile:
but there is a nice “dessert” feeling to it. i dont like the position of the sun. it looks to “close”
try to add some clouds in the scene. looking forward to the next update :smiley:



I think this new sun looks mutch better, but maby a bit to bright.



Everything is magnific!
The only thing is that the image itself seems too (brightness, brilliant).
If it’s on purpose just don’t care about what I have said.
Thanks again for your suggestion.


Thanks a lot for the replays to all of you … you make me work harder and I’m learning a lot, also some english, he, he, he …
About the clouds I was thinking not to use them because it seems to be a dead planet, and the clouds are water, and the water its also life, so … but i’ll think about it, perhaps some acid clouds …
I’ll try all your suggestions, I think they would improve the image … Once again thanks


wow… your progressing really fast~!!
I would say… make the particles bigger~ :slight_smile:
and maybe u can add more depth by putting spaceships farther and some closer to the camera??
anyways~ nice stuff ~


Thanks young_927 I’ll try what you said … sorry no updates this weekend … to much party:twisted:


• Hello Jeronimo! I see you have made some updates, :thumbsup: , I know your image is not finished yet, maybe you can use some suggestions:

• It would be a shame if in the final image the “Seacow” like ships would appear just as a backgroud element, How about a big one in the second plane?

• The first plane should be detailed and big enought to distract from the background which is for me a little too pale, how about if your character is closer to the camera?

• The little ships seems too dark against the others, maybe try a similar texture and color

• In my oppinion the distance beetwen the sun and the planet would make the sun appear detailess, if you put too much detail on it, it would seem as a big closser explotion, on the other hand, maybe a radial gradient in the sky would make a little cool diference

• How about some chaotic clouds?

Of course i don’t know how are u planning the final image, but I am sure you’ll make a great job!

By the way, Thanks a lot for your help last time! :thumbsup: :beer:


Thanks Climax for your sugestions, they are very helpful …

About the first plane, I’m going to do what you suggest… the character is going to be really near to the camera, but about a bigger ship in second plane I’m not really sure, but I’ll think about it …


Niiice :slight_smile:

But I have one objection: that sun is situated BEHIND the ships, right ? Shouldn’t that image be lighted more like in a sunrise/sunset picture ? Strong contrast, light “burning” on the edges ? Maybe the ambient light a bit more reddish ? Or, if the ambient is white because of that strange-refracting gas in the atmosphere, shouldn’t there be volumetric shadows ? IMHO, of course.



Hello people, I’ve been very busy those days so I haven’t got any time to work on the space opera proyect, Nad the update as youy can see its a little bit late … hope I’ll have time to finish this …
I’ve made a new ship for my scene because I thought the other ones where to simple, and I want to add more detaill to the image …
Good luck!!


hey there… u got some really cute looking ship design… and ur scene is looking really promising… keep up the good works man… :thumbsup:


• Cool to have u back!
• You won’t believe it! but i posted today (nov 22) a spaceship and it looks a lot like yours!, when I saw it, I went like :eek: come to see my thread to check it out, good we are kind of syncronized :eek: :thumbsup: same date and almost the same ship!!


Nice nave simple but powerful.
very nice and clean.
keep up the good work.


Thanks for your nice coments people… you make me work harder …
Hey Climax, you are right our ships are quite similar … but diferent …he, he, he …
Perhaps with some updates, they will take some more diferent sense … from me it doesn’t matter …
Have a nice time …


nice style dude!!! nice work is coming so far
best luck


You’ve got some nice models here!! Nice detailing on the ship. But IMHO the deviding line on the cockpit gives it a bit of a plastic look. Maybe some extra lines make it look like its build from more pannels. If you are going for that kind of look of course :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work, good Luck!


Well here is a little update … and I have a problem: I used spybot in my computer because I thought I had some spyware in my PC, and now I cant submit my entry from the submiting work page using the milestones and all those things … The cookies are enabled … What can I do?
Thanks …


Just droping by to say I like your modeling Jeronimo…it’s clean,and the lines and forms are well shaped…I think you have a nice entry thus far,and I hope to see you progress…I’ll keep an eye out for more…Keep at it strong,it’s looking nice…:slight_smile:

…By the way it seems there is some problem loading/up[dating WIP’s with the system,I have heard others are having this problem as well…I am sure they will get things right very soon…See you for now,:slight_smile:


Hi emonimo good work men :thumbsup: sorry for my english is very bad :smiley: