Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jerónimo Cabezas


Wow! Hey “buen trabajo”! I speak spanish! Anyways goood job I love the models and terrains!! I’ll be around here good luck! :thumbsup:


This is the third and last one ship I’ve modelled, now I’m going to work in the mohicalien …


Well, I textured a little the ships and I made a test with the video post…
Thanks GaNNEI for you nice words …


Here you have the lighting set … Do you think this is the right way? I’m having nice results, but its not as realistic as I want …


I cant help you with the lights, Im very bad at it. But the overall scene looks very good, the ships have a nice shape.
One idea, maybe adding a BIG BIG ship between all the ships? just to add some dimension to the scene. There´s still left the mohicalien right?

keep it up!


Thanks plaguelord … I was thinking about the same idea of adding a HUGE ship in the midle of all others, but I havent much time at the moment I’ll began making tests tonight… and also is left the mohicalien…
Good luck to all of you!!


wow, that’s a start. your lighting looks fine and also the terrain. just the shadow, pointing a little on the right… maybe a little tweak towards us will make a little difference. just a suggestion.:slight_smile: keep up.


good work!
my crits would be that the ships don’t look very much like they are leaving the planet, maybe they just look like trevaling from one part of the planet to another… maybe you could make some of them rising from the ground (despegando) and some others (just a few) pointing upwards…

I would also change slightly the shape of the mohicalien’s rock, or just turn it a little so that it ends in the bottom side of the image and not only on the left side, imagine that the viewer could walk from where he is to the alien, I think that would make the image to look more “near” to the viewer, to identify more with that lonely guy…

Eso es lo que se me ocurre, tiene muy buena pinta, buena suerte con el challenge :thumbsup:(“challenge” en español = ? )


Hello people, first of all thanks for you crtics and nice coments … I’ve been testing the idea of the HUGE ship, and I discard it because the ship takes a lot of space in the image and dont gives the felling of DOF I wanted … Now I’m moving the ships like elmasfeo said, and they are looking nice, I’ll post the image in the next post…

uwil: sorry, what do you mean with ‘‘tweak toward us’’ talking about the shadows? In my dictionary doesn’t appear the word ‘‘tweak’’… sorry:eek:

Thanks and have a nice time …


As elmasfeo said, I’ve made this changes and I think its better now …
Thanks a lot!! … gracias!!
Now I’ll start with the mohicalien …


if you “tweak” something, you are adjusting it just a little bit. I guess it is slang, but is used all the time to mean “subtle changes” or “small alteration”

I hope that helps!


Yes, it helps! … thanks robinayles …:thumbsup:


sorry about that jeronimo, robinayles right.
btw, looking forward to your updates.:thumbsup:

-pardon my english-


great idea and show alot about your work keep it up


Playing with the videopost and the sun … I don’t really know what kind of sun I prefer …What do you think?
Thanks for the replys …


Your concept is great, the sun you have choosed is nice too, one thing only the bunp map of the terrain are too strong and take some of reality out of your scene.

I’m loving it!:thumbsup:


looks like u´r almost finished :slight_smile:

so u got more time to create more detail…
nice worf :wink:


your composition looks great, I agree about the bump, maybe a little subtle. Personally I prefer the old sun, but a mix between both can be great!


Thanks for the coments people …:slight_smile: … I’ll fix that bump, you are right, its too hard …

About the sun, I agree with plaguelord, i’ll try to mix both …
And you know, its left the mohicalien…
Have a nice time!!


I changed a little the sun and the bump of the terrain …