Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jerónimo Cabezas


Jerónimo Cabezas has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: The Great Migration

Here it is … The final image!!
Thanks to all of you for giving you suport, I have learned a lot.
Good luck!!


Here is my first concept, I’m making another one for having diferent ideas, but I think this it should be a nice one…

In not a very far future the humans should leave the Earth because they have finished whith all the natural resources and they have to find another planet to live …
Hope you like it, and sorry of my poor English … I’ll improve it


Well, I began modelling one of the space ships (inspired in the sharks)…
Hope you like it … critics are very wellcome…


I like the main idea, but, it will have the dramatic/epic feeling? the concept looks a little peaceful to me.

my only critics is about the front of the ship, look to round, but it is still an alien spaceship, so can have any shape…

keep it up


Inspired in some drawings I’ve seen in the forum I decided to put a little color in my concept, and also added this kind of mohican to give the image some dramatic felling …


Here it’s what I’ve done at the moment whith the space ship…


Its turning good. I like the colors. why a mohican? how about a mohicalien? :smiley:


lol@mohicalien :slight_smile:

but yeah, solid idea and cool modelling. looking forward to your work :slight_smile:


The mohican is just a concept, the idea is to put there an old aborigine alien (mohicalien?) or something like that, to make the felling that its the only person staying in the planet … (what a sad story) …

Thanks a lot for your critics …


Very nice ship model!!

I would imagine that it is some kind of transport right?

Well as far as the composition,… well honestly I think that maybe the perspective your using is a bit to “neat”. It is kindof flat and all the action seems to be passing the viewer by, instead of the viewer being right in the middle.

Maybe consider the view from over the should to the “indian” looking out onto the mass of ships.

Visually it is kindof hard to get bearings on the whole scale of the scene, right now the foreground midground and background seem to be discontinoius.

Another consideration is light, particularlly from the sun,… what is your idea for shadows and overall ambieant saturation??

Good luck amigo.


Well, here I am, modelling the background, the textures are just some simple tests, and also the lighting …
Thanks a lot WazaR for your coments…about the concept, I have not idea of making a nice drawing so the proportions, lighting and perspective, probably will be wrong …I use it just an idea …
And as you can see I’ve changed a little the composition …
Thanks again, and good luck too all of you, I’m learning a lot.


Good concept.

I like your idea of this “mohicalien” alone in the planet and sourouding by ships.

But I have a suggestion for u, maybe u cold do a view from the top of this hils, on the mohicalien is. if the camera is placed over his shuolder, like WazaR says, could increase the sense of perspective of yuor image and the sense of loneliness.

I like the shape of your ships too.

Nice work.

Good look.


very good concept I like the mohican ideea go on


What method did you use for the creation of your terrain???

There is a noticable improvment, but I would still point out that the prespective is really flat. It feels like a picture a tourist took while the sips flew by. Try and get an angle that takes advantage of a cayon setting more effectivelly.

Also, I think you should keep in mind the effect the atmoshpere has on objects at a distance. I see no change in the saturation values of you colors as the objects represented get further and futher away. Keep in mind that air gets thicker with distance…

Either way keep the work up…

buena suerte amigo…


Here are the basics of the lighting of the background… for the terrain I used a displace map and then edityed the mesh a little …

Sorry WazaR, but at the moment I’m going to keep this perspective, I think that when the mohicalien stands at the cliff it would be better … But anyway thanks alot for your coments, they are very helpfull.
About the saturation of the color of objects faraway from camera, I’ve test it with some ambient fog… Do you know any other method?

Thaks for all your coments and have a nice time…


This is the map I used for modelling the terrain …


Here is the second ship I’m modelling … critics are very wellcome


• Excelent lighting, seems you are about to finish! :eek:

• I need some mountains for my Image, if you are using max, wich plugin are u using? the mountains and terrain look so good!

Mucha suerte!


Hello Climax, I’m not using any plugin for the terrain, as I told, I used a displace map and then, edited the mesh …
Good luck!


Made some changes in the light, And testing the composition with the ships