Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jeroen van duijn


desinatly doing some destroyers tonigh

but of the enemy force this time

[HIGH DETAIL Sketches of it are coming]


ah well sketches *

more like high detail models -.-


some detail :slight_smile:


:\ mybad new wip coming up


heres the suspension

  • start casing
    of the destroyer engines


Nice detail and original concept.:thumbsup:


Now why do i have a feeling that we should all just quit and go home… :slight_smile:

Superb modeling work. Definitely bookmarking this one!


basic engine setup placed on one side


Excellent images! I like the effects of the engines and the detailed work you are doing! Keep up the good work!


have to agree very nice detailing :slight_smile:


hi! very interesting , how it will looks like in final image - graet idea man:thumbsup:


sorry guys
couldnt resist adding a greeble :slight_smile:


Oh… one assumes you’ve done this sort of thing before, nice greebles :smiley:


tbh no :slight_smile: i’ve done 1 spacethingy in my whole max career
and that didnt look so well :


well considering the job you’ve done on that Bismark model of yours I am expecting this thing to kick ass :smiley:


:eek: Very cool modeling!!:eek:


Very nice work, although I would like to see a concept sketch to tie it all together. Your ship designs are well formulated, you definantly have a good handle of particle flow thats for sure… hehe, keep up the good work. The background that you did was 2D or 3D?


2d :x
but might do a lot of 3d in there too


WOW, exelent stuff, Cant wait to see the full scene, hopefully seeing a fighter taken down by the drones :D, whats the concept behind them? are they a robotic swarm like the sentinels from the matrix, that move infront of the fighting squadrons to give them an edge in combat and to free the path for the fighters?

maaruh het ziet er alvast kick ass uit :smiley: goed dat je alvast je scene hebt gepland voordat je al aan de details begint.


Drones are mindless
Their flight path is irradic wich makes them hard targets
Via th main computer core onlly a few command can be given
Atack / Defend / Safety / Return and Launch, it automaticly finds targets wich have a different energy signature than the one currently programmed to ignore

its like a 3 wave atack

Cheap / asault  wich does A shitload of damage 
Quick asault  wich knocks out most of the defense and takes out other fighters 

Bombing run witch after the field is cleared out takes place this will massivly damage any heavily armoured vesel in the oponents fleet