Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jeroen van duijn


The story-concept has a homeworld feeling behind it, after all that was what you where doing most of the time in multiplayer, to take out your enemy’s resource-harvesters and controllers. No resources means no production and development, resulting in becomming a sitting duck. It would not be the first time that my fleet was shot from under my butt because i had no resources left the build more ships.

But the fighter itself does not even come close to the homeworld feeling, especially not like the Kushan-fighters from the first homeworld game.

And if there is one thing that is inspirational from Homeworld than it must be that Space can be a very colorfull place.


Cool ! My question is:

is it necessary to have wings in space ? :slight_smile:


since those are designed for planetaire and space id say yes :slight_smile:


Man you’re working fast… I wish I had more time to model… Keep it up!


thnx :slight_smile:

yep but im not Remaking homeworld
im making my scene with a homeworld style to it so to say

i could recreate the homeworld fighters if id like but that isnt allowed in this contest
since resources are that hard to find
they resort to making planes multi atmospherical so to say
to save on costs etc

the ships self will be at the far end of the final . hard too see in that case

there will be some upclose destroyers in it / cruisers
wich im trying to scetch out
pretty hard for me since i suck at scetching :slight_smile:


My own concept is still developing, the original idea that i had for the final image seems to be less likely now, I still might do it, but there are more dramatic scenes that are comming up now while i am developing the technology that runs my galaxy. Scenes that are not only inspired by this technology, but also from our own (bloody) history, often it repeats itself.

Anyway, no wings on my spacecraft, wings are for aircraft


ye mine is still developing tooedits / bumps along the way
the “space craft” themself
wont have any wings
theres just 2 type’s of craft small enough for atmosphere entry

and those will need the wings there :slight_smile:


im gonna give myself a chrash course maxscript tonight
need to write my own particle flow scripts :\


Good answer !
No, your fighter is really cool ! Continue !


cool fighter, but i want cruisers. huge ones, and frigates as well. now you go and start on the big ships k? :). awesome progress so far man


yea one more render of the instanced fighters coming up tonight


instanced fighters :slight_smile:


Proud to be dutch when you see things like this, so proud i thought ill try moddeling
something too,
but since i haven’t done any “finished” products
we will just have to see what i come up with.
at least i got a nice (dutch) example of how to do thing right

good moddeling to ya


This thread is excellent ! Good work , dude !


heres the render with the trails and everything on it

now for some quicky textures to boost the graphical level of the planes / drones

mismatching trails will be fixed [ forgot to calculate with 100 % particles


hah cool :thumbsup: :bounce:


Looking good, Voutlooz. Only real thing I notice this that the flightpaths on several of the fighters doesn’t quite look like how a real fighter would fly (granted, this is science fiction, but if your intention is to mimic how a real world fighter behaves, then it’s slightly off).


yeh true

its more about the surreal feeling though

it has to look like nothing from this planet
yet humaniod made .

true it doesnt resemble earth flights but we are not creating those :slight_smile:
still pondering about these issues …

as i’ve planed these are the best maneuverable Aircraft in their Fleet
so its normal it should look like is pulling hard corners etc
since this happens in a space environment
with no / slim gravitational force / resistance etc

i think it looks pretty decent …
on the other hand
if this was for a planetary mission …
i would have edited it


some textures added on the fighter

asault class modeled and placed .
prevented shadows from trails getting cast

added new trail color “borg green” :slight_smile:

basic idea
each engine
of on class the same colour
although on different classes different would occur [ since the speed of energy release would define the colour ]

thing to do on the Asault craft
Textures .


Great renders with a definite sense of scale. Great stuff!

I look forward to your progress.