Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jeroen van duijn


Thanks, man; I had been looking for that for a while (it’s now bookmarked in my links and I will start reading it as we speak).

Voutlooz: Looking even more inpressive. Keep it up! :thumbsup:


is it me or did a lot of people just stop watching me ?


… need to tweak the splines a bit though since it intersects with the carier
…or maybe make them dynamic and with a small script just tell them to avoid the big ship…just a thought :bounce:


i wish i knew how to do that lol :stuck_out_tongue:



ill start on the fighter modeling tonight


Nice background . keep it up .


the trails look awesome, especially the red ones, kinda like fireworks :slight_smile: bring on the fighters!



i forgot the important part
the story

2 sides fight over a resource planet in a corner of their galaxy
controling this planet would mean a mayor powershift between these different races and the controller would have the upperhand above the other
after years of conflict they have a final stand off the current inhabitors of the planet the peacefull race will defend the position at all cost since their home planet’s food production depends on the energy mined from the planet

the evil race wish to conquer the planet for selfless needs inorder to conquer the galaxy
years they have planed an all out asualt on the planet inorder to do a hostile takeover they have prepared special battle spacecrafts each designed for a specific task

both races will fight to theres nothing left to fight with in a final battle for the defense / hostile takeover of the planet


What app u are working? …maybe i can help…or someone who knows script language in your app…:bounce:


max 6

particle flow :slight_smile:


heres the fighter
basic model

im not going to detail it since that wont be necesary


botom shot with the single jet propulsion


although i might do a decent texture for it


Pretty good from what I see so far, cant wait to see the final scene. Is this battle going to be in outerspace where there is no air for a jet air intake like what you have on the fighter? Just asking:D .


thats just for planet propulsion
switches to space prop when in space :wink:


lol, nice save. I see these people are smart in saving their money by reusing their fighters for both enviroments. Cant wait to see more updates:thumbsup:


in space u have no air
so u need a ion propulsion

in air u have resistance / gravity
so u need something more powerfull :slight_smile:


nice fighter model! i guess it’s not gonna be big in the whole scene :stuck_out_tongue:


This has a very homeworld feel to it.

I think maybe you should focus a little more on composition. After all it is very important how all the differnt elements all tie together.



eyes the composition
i have it figged out …
but i havent got sthe skills to draw it .