Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jeroen van duijn


oh the rest of the bg is finished :stuck_out_tongue:

im just not posting it :wink:


I am so screwed…:cry:
(no, it’s really is quite excellent :slight_smile: )


:slight_smile: post what you have finished man, this bg looks great.


it will probable be ripped by some one if i do that … since i cant upload the full to cgtalk .


fantastic, nice work
good stuff and very nice back ground wish you the best man
good luck


No youre not, i don’t know the link at this moment (maybe someone know, otherwise i have to look it up), but there was excellent tutorial how to make such a universe with Photoshop.


Great job!!! Wow I’m gathering materials to make my background too and this looks just super fine!!! I’ll be doing something like it… Good luck!


oh man, I make no chance!


please dont .
try to make something in your own style. .


nice stuff and ur going great


test with the bg and faded trails


Now this is something if don’t want to see when i am looking out of the window of my spaceship.


hehe :slight_smile:

im starting on the Defensive position Soon


Excellent!! You are very very fast!!! Keep going!:buttrock:

(I like a lot the trails and the movie!! Update! )


Well what I ment was that I’ll be doing a nebula like sky :slight_smile: Thats all. Keep it up! :thumbsup:


i think you mean:

anyway, looks absolutely awesome jeroen! you know i love those trails :stuck_out_tongue:

keep it up!


only 1 thing left to edit on here

alpha didnt get mapped in someway didnt see it in the previous renders
since i never got close enough

some one asked me for an extended render

i addapted the scene in 10 minutes :slight_smile: rendered oud and i was off pubbing
so im a bit hung over atm


O_o dat ziet der tres bien uit man! wishes he had the power to steal peoples skills


50 % of the fighter release done here

4 out of 8 squadrons :slight_smile:

red / blue / green / yellow
particles will be replaced with fighters

other particle sets soon to come
[splines in the center]
will be asault class aircraft

so the atack is devided in waves
a swift drone atack [in front ]
folowed by a fighter class atack wich will knock out most of the defensive countermeasures

and then the bombing by the asault class


heres a render with the glow … need to tweak the splines a bit though since it intersects with the carier