Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jeroen van duijn


dang that’s starting to look SWEET ^^
keep it up, our dutch hopes are with you :stuck_out_tongue:


heres a wip of the launch bay
this is hwere those fighters / asault planes wil be docked into cradles etc


heres a wip of the launch bay
this is hwere those fighters / asault planes wil be docked into cradles etc


going to be coolish :slight_smile:

btw maybey it’s an idea to make the shape of the holes the same as the shape that the ‘interceptors’ that’ll come out of it would?

anyway, heb je msn ofzo? :slight_smile:


die heb je al :stuck_out_tongue:


wow this is gr8… ur already into modeling… u got nice ideas goin on…


good luck man :slight_smile:
i’d personally would try to work out my composition befor I model maybe. Some parts that aren’t being seen may be skip.


comps in my head :slight_smile:
a 3d view of it lol :wink:

im not that big a star in drawing as u can see i guess
so im forced to take up more in modeling ah well
that makes it posible to toy with the composition when im not satisfied .


Not very important to make a beautifull drawing.
You can help you with a fast 3D design with some basic primitives (like boxes, cylinders etc), you make your composing then you make a screen shot, and redraw on it (print or photoshop etc) to add details and colors.
After that you’re ready to start modeling…


This all sounds great except i cant c the pictures that youve posted. Only the one posted by the other guy… y would this be? ( i appear to be the only one )


more on the modeling part


oooh modeling started already. Vout u are scarry! i was following your bismark wip, u are certainly a fast modeller. nice work there. couldnt help noticing the beveled edges, nice for rendering but watch the polycount if you’re doing a huge scene.

all the best dude:)


bismarck 54.920 style :), gonna follow this thread closely :), i’ve seen your stuff on tweakers ^^, very impressive :slight_smile: good luck (Y)


let’s all hear a big lol on my sence of memory.

anyway you seem to be ahead of the rest by a LONG mile, keep it up so you’ll have more precious time for those sugar-sweet goody details you’re so good at :slight_smile:


Wow you dont seem to be wasting any time there.
Good work so far.


you’re really fast man. keep up the good work


heh thnx guys


hahah keep them coming :slight_smile:



this challenge did only just start yesterday didn’t it or did I miss something.

fast start :cool:

keep it coming


hey look promising… !