Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jeroen van duijn


ISP´s can be a real pain. But you have no choice but to sign, because we must see the final result of this scene! :slight_smile:

How will you make the backdrop?



im trying to arrange another isp …

bg is photoshopped


oh man im going to have to drop out of the contest :\\\
untill i know more its useless to model anything for cgtalk GSO :\


you could always fall back on 56k, right?


Well, i hope everything works out for the best. There´s still plenty of time left.


no vol… man c`mon i am on 52.2 K … if i can do it everyone can do it! :smiley:


ooooo… now your composition looks really solid… a great step forward Jeroen…

excellent job mate… :thumbsup: keep it up!


fantastic models and a real solid scene you got there… Would suck bad if u had to withdraw :sad:

Hope everything sorts out for you


nice work man

love the detail

more updates more!:bounce:


I will Pray For You To Win The Prisze
Grate Entry


I hope you get some access sorted out - it’d be a real tragedy if your spectacular work wasnt completed…


mmmmh… thousands details here… for an impressive scenery, I’m so curious to see the final result… courage man :bounce:


Hello …how are you?.. well what can I say your work looks realy realy cool… you have a lot of ships there …and a lot of good work too …a lot of details I like it so much …Ill be waiting for more…

give it up


huh?.. u mean ‘keep it up’ right? if he givs up then theres no eye candy for us… :stuck_out_tongue:


Same with me (actually it’s 56 K, but still dial-up).
Really hope you get this issue straighten out; I want to see more of your work! :slight_smile:


great work man, i like your modelling and your theme in general! hope to see more of this stuff! keep it on


Don’t quit! seriously, you spend to much work on it to just quit, you still have a whole moth left. Don’t let your ISP stop you, post your updates from internet cafe’s if you have to!

Komop man hehe verstuur het anders per postduif :smiley:


Those were awesome animations, thanks for the exciting ride! Wish you could
finish. Those isp’s can take up some time. I was down about 3 weeks when my
second isp didn’t work out and I had to go to my third.
my 3d entry


sry guys :\ ran outta time and my isp was being a bitch too
i gotta wait a few months before ill be back permanently :\


cool , see u in the next one then :thumbsup: