Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jeroen van duijn



how bout “Human Reproduction vesels”
Cloning factories etc


LMAO…!!! :applause:


Yeah or food/livestock vesels of some kind.
or censor vesels (ie radar or something like that, could be drones too)


Great, and funny, idea’s, and i very much like that idea of those fighters leaving the station.
Very homeworldish, which i like, cuz i love homeworld…hmm, thats kinda double eyh ^o^



u might have wondered why i didnt post any work yesterday …

out of respect of a killed film director / columnist i coudnt do any work related to war
theo van gogh had been killed yesterday by a muslim extremist
shot down and then stabbed by a knife … because he had his own oppinion on the islam culture

i’m realy not in the mood to do stuff on war atm
might post a new update later on the day .


go model some daisies or something

that should cheer you up
very sad
look forward to more work when u feel better


What about a Mega ION REAL GUN :twisted: That should look great lol. Keep it up mate you’re doing a great j-o-b!



this really rox :slight_smile:
Nothing more to say…



Absolutely wonderful work !!!



i think a Rail Gun (like Borro said) would be a very nice weapon in a space war, even if it isn’t so Gigantic (but it would probably look awesom if i was so big), i’ll let you dicide… :wink:


insure new updates will come tonight :slight_smile:


Cool! i can’t wait :slight_smile:


added the personel transport vesel

worked the comp some more .


those 4 cylinders will be the base for the mining station


detail boosted mining station


oof i missed a spot on the destroyer between the engines
need to fix that tomorow


hey man

keep coming really like this… i already have vision in head of this… :smiley:
or not :))


the details is extraordinary!
Good job:applause:


I’m not sure whether that is you final composition, but it looks all a little too linear to me, like everything is straight if you know what I mean. If its not your final compo, then its great!



i’ve got a letter from my isp today

telling me they have transfered me to a different isp .
no term of agreement at all .
that means that if i sign the contract . they can raise the cost whenever they want

if i DONT sign …
it would mean i will end up with no internet :\