Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jeroen van duijn


I think I might have to give you a WSA award for this greebling effort, Jeroen… Impressive work indeed.


Wow, now Your doing this very quick and great, hope to see You in the final! :thumbsup:


Very very nice dude!! Keep going…i’m liking it!:thumbsup:


what do u mean u might ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyway …
the carier is coming into it too :stuck_out_tongue:

just for fun
my pc aint pulling it

ill have to limit my greeble :\


added the unfinished carier
need to wrap that up someday lol :slight_smile:


o_O that was my face when I saw your progress! :applause: love the detail… compliments on the idea! it’s gonna be super great :). Keep rocking mate and post soon.


heres a high reso for the fans :slight_smile:

reworked the light
im might redo the carier …
it doesnt fit in that well :\

cut the front of it i guess
the launch bay / rear are fine :x


I’m liking it heh heh!!:wink:


These are great looking models-lets see more.


thanks all :smiley:


man ur going good
nice start
keep it up


alright tonigh I need to start on the frigin frigate

i have some clear idea’s in my head atm
ready to work it out :x


some idea’s

for myself :stuck_out_tongue:

High velocity boarding device

Mining ships returning from mining station

Floating people in space :stuck_out_tongue: to repair the damage taken

Shutle pod to transport engeneering crews

Troop ship
transport for soldiers

Comunications vesel
arranges mass comunication between ships .
disturbs enemy comunications and eve’sdrops on them

Fleeing civilian vesels
man i do need these

Gate ship
main transport vesel arranges quick traveling system for smaller vesels to other starsystems

Fighter Defence system
Modified freighter a rocket barage system built into the cargo hold .

this should keep me buisy untill january . :stuck_out_tongue:


You bet dude that all this willkeep you busy untill january!! Don’t forget to post all that!! Heh heh!!


I love that freighter, a real workhorse of the fleet. You must try to give it a used look, scratches, dents and so on, dirt, discoloring from spending decades in space and so on.

And don’t forget that other boat that made the Dutch so famous, the tug.


hmm :stuck_out_tongue:
yeah tug spacecraft would do great
pulling out damages spaceships . !

any more idea’s ?

im all out btw
need some beers tonight


Paint station
For quick paintjobs on newly stolen ships.

Refueling vessel

Recycling center
Rapidly builds new ships from unrepairable wrecks (and empty aluminum soda cans)


oh man THOSe are Great idea’s !

i love the paint station one


note to self “” dont forget the chop shop sign ! . :""


“medic” ships?
i will do better at this when i have a couple of drinks :stuck_out_tongue: