Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jeroen van duijn


im curently at work …

take a look a few pages back there a wireframe of the destroyer
same poly adding method was used to bump it up


Another great spaceship ! Really cool that one ! Far away from what we are used to see !


yea when i look around here i see a lot of new smooth speeders Airodynamic spaceships etc :\

kinda bollox since theres no air resistance in space ,
for those who do need to land on planets it will be in the design …

im going with the big and lumpy feeling
like the old starwars ships / battlestar gallactica etc.

i work wit lots of basic shapes … since a cube would be infinatly easier to pick up by a clamping system than an smoothed spaceship etc .

im trying to create some functionality in the design too


voultooz … that last cargo thing is tres cool … i like your thinking to as far as he big and clumpy thing … has a lot of old school character, no nonsense working ship :thumbsup: … of course though i’m building some of those smooth speeders

thanks for the tip on the “detail.p” plugin (lw version) … i’m sure it’ll save me hours :scream:

beautiful work


… i didnt know there was a detail plugin for lightwave ?:
im confused …
and i told u this ?

man how wasted was i this weekend ?


Thanks Voutlooz. I checked out the wireframed craft. Very nice :slight_smile: . Good luck. I’ll just have to keep plugging away.


i wish i got payed for this while i did it :stuck_out_tongue:

MAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan i cant wait to get homeee
and do some more GSO stuff ! :stuck_out_tongue:

i think i will increase the amount on spacecraft by a factor of 10
ill have to do Some more designs though :slight_smile:

im quite bored at work and cant wait to walk to the train to get home in about 30 minutes
have a quick dinner
and spend all night on the contest


Excellent modeling man!! Keep going!!
For the details plug, i don’t understand… what is this??? :curious:
It is one for max?

Otherwise, your work is very cool!! Want to see more! :buttrock:


This is just getting better every time i check this thread.
Seems you´re going for some composite work as well. :slight_smile:


u asked for it

needs detailing over here

btw pimped render coming up

im trying to figure out how to do the crawlspace

"horizontal beam above the cargo "
wondering if u shoud add windows


I think it’s really coming along. I especially like the smaller ship with the four jets at the end. When you did the render, what is just a basic texture on the ship? Also, how close are you planning on getting to the ship?


its just beefed up for a closeup … :slight_smile:

basic shader basic colour

all this is just lighting / geometry


empty and loaded freighter


Hi Voutlooz! I can’t think of some constructive critique, because so far everything is perfect! You’re just too good and too fast to be true:bounce:
Count me as your fan:love:


i really like your reasoning and design methodology. when things are done so discerningly there is such little to crit. excellent!


THAT is what I call a spaceship! :buttrock:

keep rocking!


Very well thought out and executed ‘mechanical’ design you have there.

The only crit I have is that if your composition in so ‘deep’ away from the viewer as opposed to a slightly more angled view perhaps the overall composition of the fleet and battle get a bit ‘tubed’ and shows less action than you might intend.


good point !



destroyer being restocked :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, seriously looking good :slight_smile:
i really like your style
keep it up :slight_smile:
damn, you got me alle hyped up to start with max again