Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jeroen van duijn


Same here; your work looks as good (if not maybe better than) as the ships coming out of the current Star Wars films. :thumbsup:

greentek: Currently, I’m testing out lighting for space scenes and the best solution I’ve found (at least for now) is to use a distant light set at a low setting to mimic the Sun and an area light set at 50-60% to mimic 1 planet (for more planets, use the same number of area lights each set at a lower %).

EDIT: Should’ve pointed out that my lighting solution has only been tested for my scene, which features luminous beings set against 2 planets (one big planet and 1 small planet) and a distant sun; I have no idea how the lighting looks using metallic objects. If you’re going to use a similar lighting setup, test it to see if it’s what you want.


great amazing work on the ship ! continue !


nice ships and designs budy …keep up the good work tech


@greentek ill check out that stuff

ill do the spots “coming from the enemy side” searching for the defensive force that lies in the shadows
im relativly new to pflow i actualy have never used it before so there has been a lot learned already in this challenge

@pBarrelas ill start on the freighter should have almost the same feeling to it afterwards
ofcourse it will an entire different construction

@pigwater i think its due to its basic shaping and Easy design … thats the way those Classic starwars ships where made too
like the starwars cruiser thing with the extremely simple triangular design

or the deathstar … now this might seem complex but i could build you one just like it in a matter of minutes …

im using a direct spot from a sun location with an orange / yellow difuse collour
and an omni from the planet “wich will have a breathable surface” and water …
so the omni will cast Blue light from the atmosphere

nice of you to drop in again :slight_smile:

@techart :slight_smile: thanks aprecieate all of it :slight_smile:


needs work :stuck_out_tongue:

LOTs of work

i’m designing the main clamping system for the Freight sections .
the rest of the freighter design will flow from that


heres the clamping system


I’ve been following this and it looks really cool!
Keep up the good work fellow dutchie :slight_smile:


whos tha man, jeroen’s that man LOL relly i aint dunrk at all


Not drunk ?
lol :stuck_out_tongue:


BUBBLE NUTS details here… :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


a detail plugin !?! I need dat !

great work on the super battle scene ! all’s lookin good ! woohoo ! I like !


lazytools.exe :slight_smile:
google it :wink:


update :slight_smile:


Very good model dude!! I really like it!!:thumbsup:


great stuff Jeroen… :thumbsup:

nice and clear ship design… looks very believable… keep it up!



Looks pretty good. I would love to see that thing unload. Can you show the fornt of the freighter too?


final will have it in 3 different poses

loaded / unloading / unloaded :slight_smile:


on the planning for tonight

wrap up the freighter
start scetching the frigate, corvette or cruiser

wich one do u want to see ?:slight_smile:


I’d like to see the corvette/cruiser, I want to see what big guns you have in mind for the monsters:p .


Hi Jeroen. I like the way your freighter is coming together. Good work :cool: . Have you used displacement maps for the panelling? Would be nice to see a wire frame. Good luck.