Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jeroen van duijn


that destroyer is so close u will see the bolts of the engine in the final


heres the concept sketch for the battle

front shadowed units “force one”
From left to right
grey > destroyer
green > cruiser
blue > freighter
purple > corvette
lightblue > frigate
red > carier
yellow > [Asault > Fighters > Drones ]

pink thing in the center will be the mining station

Lighted far units “Force two”
from left to right
Red> Dropship
Brownish> destroyer
White> corvetes
yellowish> frigate
PINK!> cruisers
green > carier



ill do a Lightup Asap


some crits are welcomed :\


Ziet er veelbelovend uit die scene :),
je destroyer doet me wat aan Homeworld2’s movers denken :stuck_out_tongue:
maar wel vette details mag ik zeggen, hoe lang heb je al ervaring met 3dstudio max?

Good luck!


i actualy havent played Hw in 6 months …
so im quite amazed of how much survived :slight_smile:


:thumbsup: Awesome scene, makes me think of I-war tbh.


heres a light setup for the scene


are the ships going to have search lights and such? Would be cool if they’d shine a bundle of light at those incoming drones, with the shadow effects and all. yummey


added cannons
and more detail
crits are welcomed
i was going for the classic Spaceship feeling
like in starwars / battlestar galactica etc


sweet, looks great, but make the canon barrals a little thicker?


The model rocks, and i can´t wait to see that scene setup with the actual crafts.
How are you going to light up the engines on this beauty?


really like the details add… i don’t know if someone has already ask (too many post :argh: )

But wich soft do you use, and wich render? :blush:


You’re going for a classic spaceship look - and I have to say you’ve nailed it pretty darn well. Although it doesn’t look like it one single bit, I get a Millenium Falcon feeling of sorts… can’t be bad, can it? :thumbsup:


@ rochr
:slight_smile: more soon to come
i"ll do an area light on the engines / Adding a Glow to it is the best way to go i think

Brazil r/s All the way


Thanks :slight_smile:
the look reminded me of starwars too yea
this will be the main line of concepting around the scene for this side …
i havent Though of the enemy look that much yet and i doubt if i should go into that much details since they would be too distant to see anyway

all is still optional so could be changed asap if it doesnt seem “right”
@all others thnaks again for the support :slight_smile:


Great to see you go for those all important details jeroen.I like the fact you take no short-cuts.Plus the depth and realsim are added ten fold with this.Keep up the good work here,it’s a nice thing to see…:arteest:


@ Virtuoso

i coudlnt imagine a spaceship without guns O_o and panneling :slight_smile:
that would be whack lol :stuck_out_tongue:
anyway your going great as well nice and different aproach to it !


hi Jeroen… you are doing very nice stuff here and i wish you good luck in challenge! :thumbsup:

as i see you have a lot of particle stuff… im dealing with particles as well… scene animation is totally procedural and almost all my objects are operated by PFlow… only for planet defence im going to use around 20.000 objects… :smiley:

well… the first i think you should reduce ambient light… i think no ambient is the best solution… through your composition you may create very impressive scene…

i think JoeB2C’s idea is brilliant and should work in your scene just fine…
you may create very dramatic contrast between soft colored volum lights on the foreground and bright sun light and sharp shadows on the background…

for particles, to avoid collision with carrier the easiest way is just put gravity space warp with negative value and adjust radius and parameters… align gravity’s center with place exactly where from your ships exit from carrier… in couple with drag space warp your ships will be pushed away and shortly reduce their speed for further trajectory correction…

also i may suggest you to use find target test instead of splines… adjusting speed, acceleration and other params as well as gravity and drag space warps you may achieve very believable and impressive results…

i hope it helps…
keep great work up!


I really like that ship man!! Keep on!! I’ll check this later!!:thumbsup:


voutlooz … just a bunch of fantastic stuff here … crazy details on that ship and a cool tribute (of sorts) to SW ships … yah , i get that millenium falcon feel too, like it was made by the same company

good stuff ya got here:thumbsup: