Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jeroen van duijn



This is going to look great!.. i love your attention for detail.

  • Reinier


Hi there Jeroen…I like your workflow.The attention to details too are great to see.I like to see extra attention to all facets of ones work,no shortcuts just to fill space with half done models.Greeble 's and greebles…I think you have a nice start,and a promising project here,keep working as you are,doing a very good job…Until later,all the best.:arteest:


thnx guys for all those compliments

pondering how to hang the engines to the battledeck

rofl 2 secs afterwards i got an idea


Nice detail and great ideas!

I would though remember your creating a stagnent picture, so some detail that you spend tons of time on may not even be seen at all. I like to work on the detail necessary that will be most apparent in a picture. Good luck with the challenge as yours will be something to watch when finished. Keep the udpates coming!



did a reword of the back a bit
detailed it a tad

figged out how to do the clamping decently

not much left now :slight_smile:

to do :
cannons / some other details



its linked to a 1024 render

for viewing pleasure :slight_smile:


hey awesome detailing buddy… i like that u did with the back of the ship… can we b blessed by some wires please? … keep goin :thumbsup:


coming up asap




wow thanx Voutlooz, but i got one question… how did u do those panels?.. r those extruded poly (dat cant b) or sized box primitive attached to teh main mesh?


yup, same question from me!


never mind, i got my answer :smiley:


plugin called greeble
places random geometry on surfaces
used in films like starwars etc


Great model here … lot of details … I wonder how much do you spent on the surface detail compared to the overall model … adding details is something that I still need to learn … keep giving us these beautiful shots
Riccardo :slight_smile:


we’ll a lot of the detail on side engine casing is computer generated by greeble
only the piping / edges and other non greeble like stuff is normal geometry

so detailing it goes pretty fast


Work harder on your concept idea Voutlooz. I believe it is incomplete. Good luck anyway


need to do a comp sketch tonight
that would wrap it up


godd modeling…

cant wait to see ur final compositions…


Thanks Voutlooz. (It sounded like a it was going to be kept a secret from 3doid’s followup.) Too bad I’m Maya 6 on Mac :cry:

Nice nice work.


Sweet moddeling man!, Remember though to test the ship at the distance and agle of your planned final shot so that the work on your pannels doen’t dissapear with distance! I almost missed that those hull plates were there. I liked there look, but if you can’t see them are they worth putting them there? :slight_smile:

Looks awsome however rock on :wink: those engine are kick’n!