Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jeroen van duijn


im figuring this out while im modeling
most stuff clears up when i see it in 3d

just adding some details here and there
im also going with the double structure as seen on my last wip i think


Everytime I come in here your at the top of the list. GO TO BED! :slight_smile: Seriously, very good tech. detail.


superb modeling on that ship man, cant wait to see more, lots of clean detail :bounce:


SWEET!!! :scream:
Man, I wish I was as good at architecture modeling as you are (which maybe explains why my entry has none… :rolleyes: )


i just let this stuff flow from my hand / mind :slight_smile:


lol, looking great :bounce:


btw … i have a mindblowing amount of views


10.000+ ??? geez thanks guys :smiley:


Amazing details are starting to pop out here…this is going to be great i think …keep crunching ! :bounce:


Those engines looks great - more!


Ey man! mooi werk (ik d8, ik stop eindelijk es ff langs)

very good job and great idea’s!

keep up tha good work



Looks to me as though you have everything taking shape quite well…Looks like you’ve got your ideas correct and priorities straight. It’s all looking magnificent. I must say the idea is a wonderful process, and the outcome should definitely be worth your labor. Seems as though it’s going to make one heck of a good view.



well this should be one of the many detailed models required for the scene so stay and watch :slight_smile:


go sleep less and do EVEN more…lol hehe love the new models…as you know!


I’ll stay here and watch …:buttrock:


freaking overtime @ work .

my boss just went home and im still here …


:)Greebdle tuned

  • start on the main battledeck


ow yeah! that’s the way uh-huh uh-huh :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice models !
The details are perfect.
You seem to perfectly know your business…:slight_smile:


You know you´re making this look simple… :slight_smile:
Shaping up just great.



that coming from u is a great compliment :slight_smile: