Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jeroen van duijn


Jeroen van duijn has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.


my idea

Huge space war between 2 factions on a far away planet the Reyach and Phealtah
involves hundreds of small spacecraft / battleships / cruisers / cariers

Think “Homeworld style” with a touch of voutlooz :slight_smile:
all concepts will be of my own hand and also the models / textures / lightning


Veel success :slight_smile:

knowing you you’ll probably make huge inhumanly detailed spacestations? :stuck_out_tongue:


there a 99.99 % chance … :slight_smile:


idea 2,

Final moment of glory
heavily damaged fighters returning raids Assault on enemy planet

idea 3,
Break the barier
Defence of the planet
Satalite guns, detection grids, home fleet, etc etc


idea 4
The invasion

:slight_smile: blank here just to keep the mind busy :wink:


exellent ideas man! :slight_smile:
love them all…
i am going to make giant battle so as i said on chat … gl man! :smiley:


hmm i might not be doing the battle
since there are more people doing that atm :
mayb i will since most wont be able to finish it up :slight_smile:
still pondering
will do some scetching when i get home
ps this is my first contest entry on cgtalk ever


yeah … manny of them will make … but it isnt in the battle ( battle as battle ) … it is in the style u present it right? :smiley:
anyhow this is my first competitons to , i wish i knew this much ( i dont know anything :D)
when there was machineflesh contest :frowning:



the style wil do it for sure yeah :slight_smile:

im LOADED with great ideas atm
cant wait to get my pencil and draw
might do some quick schetches in the train too


finished scetching my first fighter and half done on my asaultplane

will be scanned @ home


asault craft


i suck at scetching


hahha … u suck big time :smiley:
kidding just keep them coming and i will coment


alrite then time for some decent drawings

grabs his pencil / lineal


somewhat better :slight_smile:


I saw your sketch of that airplane/space ship and I though, I’ve seen that before. And voila, I’ve found a similar picture you might want to use. Afterall we Dutch people are here to help eachother. :smiley:


ah man thats wonderfull but my stuff has to be 100 % original according to the contest rules :slight_smile:

although i can pick out some stuff to improve mine


heres the carier sketch

these are all still low detail since improvement will come along the way
im going for the rough forms atm


hmm mayb some modeling :slight_smile: