Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jeremy J Hampton


hi essencedesign! congratulations for completing this entry and what an entry this is:)! a stunning imaginative masterpiece! :thumbsup: …u done it and wish u good luck!


Nice work Jeremy:thumbsup:

Full marks for imagination dude thats cool.

I can see you have put heaps of effort in here and the scene looks very good.
My only thoughts with this image is the lighting and lack of shadows i think that shadows would have really added to this image. Maybe there is shadows but i think if they were a little more noticeable it would ground the subjects more.I know that it really played a big part in what i have just worked on and shadows really help to put the feet on the ground.Well I hope you do well dude good luck.



looking really really good friend, the chaos is fantastic! See in the end it did work out. My congrats to you, and hope to see more of u soon!



…F’Up again…


fixed a few little things…hard to catch everything in a complicated scene…just minor fixes but why not with the extra time…darkened the shadows a bit to…

… :shrug:


Nice use of the extra time, but you’ll never be finished with this image, you’ll always find something to tweak.


Great worK! I like this sky now most. I like how the clouds descend into
the fog of war. Good battlescene composition. Neat splattering action.
my 3d gso entry


Simply Great Jeremy, you have done extra hard work in this challenge… now voting and I wish the best for you my friend :thumbsup:


Nice, simply nice ! A complex scene fitting to the subject ! GRAND !


Pretty nice mate! :thumbsup: Some epic battle is going on here! The amount of work you’ve put in a single image is quite a catch mate!

Best wishes on your entry! :slight_smile:


Hi Jeremy!

The darker shadow really works well and really puts the characters on the ground eh. Awsome picture dude good work! :thumbsup: Good luck in the voting too i wish you all the best. You have plenty of talent my friend you will go far!

Kind regards


Yes Black Dragon Thank you friend for pointing that out…sometimes with a scene this big it’s easy to get lost …peacE…good luck to all )))


Very awesome work!
I wish you could have a small edit on the modeling of the paws of the beast.They seem a bit simple for this great work .If you can make it dirtier and darker that’s great.
But again GREAT work.:applause:


Jeremy, I think everything it`s cool: the creatures, the indigenous defenders, the cmposition.
And the hole battle scene is so dynamic.
You haved to do so much work, and you did it so well.
You have my vote Jeremy. :thumbsup:
Congrats mate!! :applause: :applause: :applause:


…just playing with a couplr small things with the time avaliable…


I see that you have used the time given:) The beast looks better now.


Yes artturo…I darkend some of the bright spots on the feet and added some shadow details and dirt to the legs…thanks for your support through this buddy,you entry Really Rocks…out of every one I think you are the one who captured the Grandness of the Grand space opera the best,all the best to you ))


did I read that right: 10 hours on a quad Athlon? Holy moly, a quad Athlon…

Great image!


EDIT: oh, right, ten days. Goodness gracious. I guess you only get one shot at that. (I don’t think I could wait that long.)


,actually 10 DAys…hey 15 million poly don’t come easy… :argh:


Final )))

Total Scene polys …14, 560, 434

Total Composition Layers PS…49

HOur rendering…10 days on 4 Athlon mp2100’s / 4 gigs


     ...home made HDRI 52%
        5 omni's for color variations
        4 spots for spec. only
        11 random spots and points for things like torches and ship lights
        Radiosity Monte Carlo 8/24 bouonces
        scene ambient set low for a night time feel 

Loads of painted textures…maps added on with procedurals for dirt …blood…ect ((IF you are LW user…the proced. “Puffy Clouds”…it’s pretty much the only one I use…it rocks for everything from metal to dirt to bruises on skin…whatever…)))

Total 3 of ales drank…lost count 2 3/4 months agO :argh:

Totat days of work skipped to work on challenge…not saying…

Total of friends met here…also lost count 2 3/4 months ago… :thumbsup:

Thanks especialy to my Very understanding wife who supported my and gave me the drive to get this thing done…thanks Jade))) :love:

Well that’s about it…I guess the judging is going to start rather early this time…like this weekend…so again good luck to all…Anf thanks to all of you for raising the CG bar to such a high level…

…peacE ))