Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jeremy J Hampton


Hi man!
Excellent job!
If i had a time machine i would lend it to you-just watching the list U want to do…
But i hope u will manage without it!
May your computer be speedier tha ever
:bounce: :bounce:
Good luck!


Well done sir!!

It’s looking great, it would be nice to see a better shot of the beast in the back left taking the spears in the chest. That whole part of the scene with the guys throwing the spears and the beast reeling back deserves to be seen, although I realize it’s hard without widening the shot, which would result in having to re-render the whole thing…eeeeeeeeeeep!!!

My crappy monitor won’t allow me to get a nice close up of everything, if it were mine, I’d move the rocks in the back on the far left, up on to the ridge in the back on the far right, it will fill up that spot back there and allow us to see the beast’s head better on the left. If it’s not too much to ask…hehehehe… I wonder what one of the drop ships would look like coming in to land on the far left, (if you were to move those rocks) it would allow us to see the fine details you put into those ships close-up.

That’s my two bits, hope it helps.

Cheers bud!!


Very Good Jeremy…I can allready smell what you are cooking! :thumbsup:
…Very scary scene
:buttrock: :buttrock:
Good Job, and Hurry up!


thnaks ryan…I appreciate your input…with all these things going on it’s hard to see everything without looking at the full hires pic with is 2400 pixels wide…when I finish I’ll show you all a huge version and you’ll see it all…I know I want to see more of the speared beast too but he was a last minute addition and there really is no other room for him…trust me I’ve tryed everything…

there actually will be drop ships in the left corner…receding off into the distance…that’s the last layer I work on right now…


ok man… where is that FINAL! i wanna see FINAL! u hear me ? :slight_smile:
great work…


I understand…no worries, rock on brother!!:buttrock:

Markovicd-we’ve got AT LEAST another 25 hours before we see the final of this monster, it’ll be worth the wait though!!


Wow that must have been mega poly crunching even on layers. The bloom effect might look nice go for it :thumbsup: Lookin forward to the final

Hope you make it in time, keeping my fingers crossed

:applause: Go Go Go :applause:


I think actually that I’ve got almost 26 hrs…I don’t think I’m in to trying to break my 15 second record from last time… :banghead:

yea 3D raven…im over 10 000 000 polys for sure…I started addind it up and well,then I got back to worK. :argh:


Very cool.
I like the overcast feel to it.
It’s gloomy.

If you have photoshop or anything for that matter you can play around with some color filters to get the look you want.
I would try to seperate the foreground from the background a little more.
pick one element of the fight and focus on that. contrast, saturation ect.
can be the highest in the area you want the viewr to look at. everything else is a supporting member.

good luck


I love the picture. The blue version is slightly better, maybe. I’m in the 2D competition, wish I could model like this:)
The only thing I would like to see is some more atmosperic effect. Everything looks so sharp so it gives a bit the impression of toy soldiers. Som kind of haze maybe? This is only a small detail. Very well done!


I will do some tests with more fog layers… :wink:


nice…u just decided to do your version of return of the king massive end battle huh ? :smiley:

looks cool :thumbsup:


is looking nice mate…gogogo!


Well getting closer…


• It looks excelent! I can’t imagine what else are u goint to put in there :thumbsup: :slight_smile:


hahah…I can’t either…yet…need to step away for a few moments then come back with eyes fresh…

…thanks for all the support Climax… :thumbsup: …everyone… :thumbsup:


First of all I want to say a huge thanks to everyone who’s support I’ve had throughout these 3 months of solitude…I have learned a great deal from you all, and hope I had something you learned from too… :thumbsup: …now If I know CGTALK…we will all have about 3 months to talk about these images before they are judged… :wink: ,but Here,for what it is…is my Final for CC’s…

I still will have some time to make any small changes if but I think this is about it…I feel I realized what I had in my head well…and that’s all an artist can ask for…

The Brotherhood Space Opera )))

Living a peacful life for generations farming and preserving their pristine land, the Bas`Cal started as settlers who fled the earth after it became unhabitable…Their settlement turned into a world,their stories legends,they had a true harmony with the universe…

The Ta’Gag are a brutal race of space Pirates…moving from one world to another in their conquest. They have managed (through many deaths) to train a vicious beast known as the Gilrog for battle, and that has made them nearly unstopable…

…This story follows one of these groups of Savages …the Bas,Cal are un aware that a precious iron-ore similar to gold sits in the ground beneath their feet…
…and it has caught the attention of the wrong group of strangers…

…now this brother hood of humans must fight for the first time in centurys to protect their lives, and their world…

…will the heart of man prevail once again… or will the Ta`Gag and the Gilrog destroy another world…

…this space opera unfoldS )))


read above for description of this image…

I still have small time to fix small things…so CC’s still welcomE))


congratulations man…your work is vere nice…lot of great concepts and models all in one!..very good!

i have no crits
youre a great artist:arteest::bowdown:


Some Details…

…now,…sleeP ))