Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jeremy J Hampton


• I like better a green plane ground, the rock line in the middle is breaking the image apart, maybe make the color of the line darker brown

• The middle beast would look fantastic charging one of those bald guys so he is in the air being throwed away

• Fog the mountains in Bg much more, so they don’t wash up the foreground

I hope my comments are usefull, they are minor details the whole composition looks Amazing!


cc’Z between these 3

1…high contrast between light and dark,purpleish huges to the lighing,

2…more ambient bounce for details,softer lights ( a bit) some subtle orange added to the lighing …

3…blues greens and yellows in the lighing…less contrasty colors…less saturation…blue and grey huges…I would probably tone down the GI on this set up…


I finaly figured out what was bothersome about the last tests…it was those dang pretty mountians in the back…they just clashed and devided the image in an un natural way…I just couden’t bare to take them out cause I like them…just not here…to much draw away from the battle.

…so a simpler sky it is…

…myself leaning towords #3 but lowereing the GI so it’s not so washed out…

…1 looks cool also with the contrasts…

…I have about 11 hours left untill my render boxx is finished cooking a client project…then I can steal it’s memory and put this damn scene togetheR… :twisted: :buttrock: :twisted:


I think that the middle one is best, but with a little bit bigger contrast(but maybe in post) and with the clouds from the 3rd one:)


yes i like the way the lighting falls on the characters the best in the second to…that’s because the GI is less bright and “wash out”…I think if I tweeked the brightness on the 3rd maybe cause the bluish tints in the lighting match the overcast skys >> :shrug: …

I dunno…getting this right is truly proving to be the most difficult task so far…Ima creatur creator damnit…not a Lighting TD…but I apprecieate the help …it’s leading me in the right direction for sure…


looks cool… but the blood on the ground looks a little funny to me… but the pic your makin is really cookin man… great stuff


I like how the lighting falls on the characters in the middle one, the grass in the first and the clouds in the second, thats just me though.


hey man - I have to say that I like the 2nd one, The sharpness of the first one is great, but the darks take too much away from the details.
The third ones too bright, with the overcast sky, the bright light makes it look too much like the set of a movie. If you could lighten the shadows in the first one to bring back the details, I would go with that one…but put the dudes back up on that rock in the back, having them up there puts alot of depth into the overall image.

:buttrock: have one for me kid!!:beer:



hey man, nice concept that you have…but i like more the third ilumination for your image
keep working:thumbsup:


I think that the most important was the vision of all elements… then, the most important was to have contrast between these parts… that’s for me the case in the second picture…

In the first… details in shadows are invisibles… and in the third, clear parts are burned… definitively the second one Jeremy… :thumbsup:


the second one with the clouds of the first one:scream:…i think


I have to agree with the others, 2nd one’s the best. Don’t give up, keep going! It’s getting better and better with every test. I’ve been hanging around since the beginning, and it’ll be a shame for this opera not to come to its finale!

Cheers mate


Looking really nice, Jeremy.
Like the others, I think the second render is the best of the three; however, it appears to me that there is a cut or “wringle” in the middle of both the second the third renders which throws the image off.


• Hey Jeremy, I think the midle one is the best, but the mile earth line is better in the third, the red spots it it call to much to atention, About the background, the mountains were ok but they should be not so tall and very foggy in the distance.
• You are Allready there Jeremy, you just have to agree with yourself :thumbsup:

• Don’t pay too much attention to our request, The one that is the best for you,… is the Right one and the Greatest to us ! :wink:


hi Jeremy,
nice action on the scene. they seem so few here in compare on your first concept? anyway deadline is so near. so just keep working!


no worrys…these are just a few stand ins for lighting, shadow ans scale tests…all the grunt work…wich I am just about at the end of…

…wagon textured and loaded with troops.

…lighing still being adjusted… :banghead: …lowering the hot spots is all…

…scene fx’s …just working on some fogs and engine streams from the ships…some dust emmitters…lots of emitters…I am creating them all in a seperatscene ,actually alot othese elemnts are in seperate scenes…and then i will either render out the layers from those scenes, or I will use LW’s “load from scene” option wich is kinda handy…

…there are so many things to keep track of over here…

…plan to have all these kinds ironed out over the weelend then I can render my final next week…

anyways thanks for the support…

…back to work everyone…!


I prefewr the one with the starfield background,on page 27, but I would lighten it up so the details are better. I think the stars give it a much better space atmosphere. Just my opinion. Great work! Oh…I would add some fog to change the grass color as it recedes, to give the scene more depth. Or dullen the distant grass color. Easy target for post!

my 3d GSO entry


thanks for the comments Brian…yes many of the things you mantioned are in the works…will do some updates as I start to render out my final plates…sooonn…



You’ve done a really impressive work so far, congrats!

On the render tests, I agree with Brian that the space background suits the theme better. It gives a surrealistic attribute more appropriate to the Grand Space Opera concept.

Maybe if you add some sort of surrealistic lighting to the environment, it will look less “earthy”… and maybe some strange plants as well?


excellent work dude!

I like the 2nd lighting setup… but shouldn’t the sky have some orange hues to support the orange lighting? Just a thought… but I’m not so gr8 in lighting setup

btw, how did u do the grass on the main field… it looks really cool.