Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jeremy J Hampton


• Wow Jeremy! What an excelent update! :bounce: It is amazing, i see lights overexposed, but I know youll find the way to get them right, try reducing ambience light and lower the multiplicity of the key light, maybe using an HDRI image as souce light will also do great

• Man, I just can wait to see it coming to its climax!! :bounce: :bounce:


You can really feel the intensity growing to the final image, this is outstanding dude!!

Shit, get this battle scene animated put it on an Enmax screen, it feel like you were right there in the middle of it!!

Once again J, OUTSTANDING!:buttrock: :drool:


woa mate…this is going really great…your image is going straight to the top!! your environmet is really sweet and the battle is epic! great work man!!


:bounce: :beer: :bounce:


Yet another test…many of these still to do…this one primarily to work on some basic upgrades to stock lighitng …thanks for the new years wishes all…I send them right back out to you…

…more tests comming soon…


Cool characters and monsters, but the backround you are using doesn’t give a feeling of “Space Opera”, a thought maybe use something more exotic a planet showing or something (cliche i know), i know the chars are supposed to be the space theme, but it would add to the image i think

anyways have a Happy New year


Happy New Year man…:bounce:


hi Jeremy,
I like your latest update! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Great update, maybe you could add a moon like before in the background. Have a happy new year


Thanks for the kind wishes…I send them back out to you all… :wink:

…finishing up some work on the lighitng rigg…a collection of spinners (spinnig lights)…an ambiend pass plugin…and a collection of area and spot lights shadow mapped and for specular…we will see how it comes out…

thanks again and bueno nueve year to all my friend here…don’t drink to much tonight ,we all have work to do tommorow… :banghead:


Hello my friend-- Just a shout to say happy new year to you and yours from me and mine, wish we could celebrate together! Maybe next year, we definetly will see each other again this year, it’s been too long.



way to long…back at 'cha boss… :scream:


• Only crit so far: Put the ship against the foggy background, so it can be seen :thumbsup:


HAPPY NEW YEAR! :slight_smile:
In your last image I don’t get well the sense of depth and grand scale…maybe the mounts are too tall on the background…apart from that it is working great! :thumbsup:


Some more work on the battle field…fixed some scale issues between the humans and the beasts,makes a better distinction between the two races…

still need to add some finer details in the fore ground ( more grass, rocks and things)…

the small cliffside will be more Human warriors…

there will be 3 (4 ?)more drop ships doing varios things in the sky,

and for the battle field only about 20 percent or so of the agents are shown here in this render… :thumbsup:

not a lighitng set up here ither,just default with ambient in LW…happy new year everyone…


back to this BG for a lttle test… :banghead: :banghead:…just throwin stuff around… :shrug:


I don’t know which bg i like better?:shrug:
Not that there needs to be the pools of blood on the ground, but if there is you’ll need a few tattered limbs from both sides of the fence laying around. Maybe a dead Ta’Gagg beast o nit’s side with a human dude standing victorious on top, or a head on a stake or two!!

Looks excellent as usual!!


some texture/shader tests on some simple background elements…also a test of these elements in my lighting rigg…


With this new test of composition, we understand better the hard work you do mate…

then… courage Jeremy :bounce:

hmmm… I like your background elements :thumbsup:


I like the renders, cant wait to see the final thing now, so close. I also cant decide which background is better, maybe addint the moons to the snowy mountain background might work better the the two current backgrounds, just an idea.