Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jeremy J Hampton


Hi essencedesign,

first of all… great CG skills you show here! :bowdown:
I like your cloud map… I think this took a while… I know what Im talking of cause Im just painting the samge stage of my planet texture :arteest:


nice pic for the bg!! well done, not just a master of the 3d, but the 2d as well hmmm…

I love it, it’s gonna look awsome once you add in the battle.
Are we gonna see the ground in this? There was no horizon, but you might just not have got there yet.

Give your mom,dad, bro, my best, tell them merry ho ho from me and mine. See ya in the summer!!


Before I go to far with this…well I guess I already have…but I wanted your alls opinion,less cosmic…more “chaotic”…there will be a simple plain before the mountians where the battle where be taking place…what da ya think >>


I think it is awesome…I just finished adding a blue building to the center of
my composition which I like and then I see this! Shocking! Just right for your battle.

my 3d entry


thank you UserBrian…things are comming along very nicly over at your thread…ummm…over here…think I am going to go with this matt as a backdrop…I like it…and it will give me the option of having the drop ships “cut” through the clouds and stream them downwards…it’s hard to explain whats going on in my head…hehehe… :shrug: …more tomorrow…



It looks like a bloody photograph, damn you’re good!!

:cry: I am so freakin jealous!!


• I Say:…BRING THE CHAOS :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock: !!

SuperUltraMegaCool Background :thumbsup:


Hello, good work. Scene seems very realistic but why “less cosmic more chaotic”?
I think you must hang on the ides space or somehow an idea sof “space age”.
That would be helpful about the challenge itself.


Hi essencedesign,

I think the mountains really rock :buttrock: But I have to agree to -kuzgunoglu- I miss the touch of far far space in here :wink: Maybe you could reduce your clouds a bit and let space shine through.


hi essencedesign

Its an interesting image, to use, very LORings, mts of newzeland, although I think
you should choose either sky or star field, looks a bit clustered with both, you can make a more
even star field, by mapping a leather texture to the image plane.
I have an example in my early submissions,

nice work, all the best



I will tweek this map a bit…probably as I do my renders see what comes about…thanks


Your background elements rock so far! :thumbsup:

Waiting for more…:slight_smile:


Background rocks man…go ahead! :thumbsup: :bounce:


Thats a nice matte painting. Hopefully you didnt do that with a mouse, that would put me to shame.


Yeah man… your matte is great… but me too I prefer something a bit more cahotic, but not too much… and with a bigger part of sky or space, or only more visible…
I don’t know if you like or if that can help you, but this is my vision for your background… :bounce:


Lemog…thank you for your re-workin of this image…I take it as a great compliment that a talent like yourself would take the time to do that…I agree that the matt does need some re-workings,but not much…just some softening like you have done…I will be doing some lighting tests tonight if I get the time with some of the agents of the scene,and I will go from there…


…don’t ask…


Another test…shiTTy lighting …just thorowing together some tests for the field really,and testing some textures , ect…I will do a few of these before I move forward…


The entire universe in your Grand (Brottherhood) Space Opera is very very nice.
TaGag Invaders in Gilrog Nests on their Battleline Beasts coming from their Dropships vs. Bas-Calle Humans - heh, you have a lot of imagination Jeremy. All the characters are great, great modeling skills man! And the composition is great too. :thumbsup: The background is really really nice. How did you do the mountains? Did you used Lightwave? I didnt try to model realistic landscapes yet.
Jeremy, may I ask you for a tutorial? Mabe later, after the challange is finished.
Great work!!! I`m anxious to see the final image. :bounce:
Happy rendering!!

And Happy New Year !!!


The grass looks really good right now, though I felt the blood could use some work. Test on man, respect…