Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jeremy J Hampton


Jeremy J Hampton has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: 31982_74557 The Brotherhood Space operA))

Final )))

Total Scene polys …14, 560, 434

Total Composition Layers PS…49

HOur rendering…10 days on 4 Athlon mp2100’s / 4 gigs


     ...home made HDRI 52%
        5 omni's for color variations
        4 spots for spec. only
        11 random spots and points for things like torches and ship lights
        Radiosity Monte Carlo 8/24 bouonces
        scene ambient set low for a night time feel 

Loads of painted textures…maps added on with procedurals for dirt …blood…ect ((IF you are LW user…the proced. “Puffy Clouds”…it’s pretty much the only one I use…it rocks for everything from metal to dirt to bruises on skin…whatever…)))

Total 3 of ales drank…lost count 2 3/4 months agO :argh:

Totat days of work skipped to work on challenge…not saying…

Total of friends met here…also lost count 2 3/4 months ago… :thumbsup:

Thanks especialy to my Very understanding wife who supported my and gave me the drive to get this thing done…thanks Jade))) :love:

Well that’s about it…I guess the judging is going to start rather early this time…like this weekend…so again good luck to all…Anf thanks to all of you for raising the CG bar to such a high level…

…peacE ))


I suppose I’ve just made the decision to lock myself away for another 3 months out of this year …:twisted: …good luck to all challengers



cannot wait to see what you bust out. your hard surface modeling is amazing :smiley:


It will be well worth the three months of lock-up time jeremy…:wink:

This one has a nice "High" ceiling for high end creations.I wish you the best,and I'll be seeing you down the road.Now get to creating that Space opera...........Nice to see you in.:arteest:


…WE glimpse upon a moment in the lost future of man…a tribal way of life simple and centered…the great battle of their time is upon them…together they will face this great enemy…yet alone they will fall…follow this the one story of a great tragety yet to unfolD ~


Great sketch there bro :slight_smile: can’t wait to see what you do with it :wink:


Well this is where I’ve been the past few days…my “concept” stetch got a little …umm… out of hand and kinda turned into a poster board for my office:eek: …

I know this is a bit of a change for me ,and I’m actually not sure how much time I will have for this works…I want to delelop this story line with my image…so I will be staying away from space stations, battle cruisers, and mecha’s that I normaly Love to build…I want to show an epic tale ,a tragety and a fantasy,with the wonderfully steriotypical set of 3 moons overhead :rolleyes: …

Here is a link to a larger version of this pic

cheers and good luck to all…on to the build shop to bang out some polyZ~


Way to break the mold kid!!

goin all the way with the concept sketch, nice touch!

you can do unbeleivable things with your mech work, can’t wait to see some organic s#!t

good to have you back, oh and like you toss up the chance of another three months of cybersolitude…lol


saw your work in machineflesh competition , great stuff ,
good to see you back for this one !


hey essencedesign

welcome! I enjoyed your MF entry… you’re gonna rock this one ;p
nice concept sketch, it’s really original and you’re setting yourself unique from the spaceships and cruisers and space stations…

keeping my eyes peeled.

cheers m8


hey jeremy
wow very nice i love the sketch it a masterpeice
waiting for the 3D
good luck


This design looks spookily similar to the winning machineflesh image. A rider atop a monstrous steed. It looks good I am a big fan of up close and personal battle scenes (more so than spaceships) and look forward to seeing this one develop.


Iconic image… :thumbsup: Love your skethcing style.


Dude, your machine modelling is incredible, I cant wait to see more development of your website. I think your concept drawing is strong too. I look forward to seeing your progress.


Thank you I am working now on some character spreads to get my bearings on this project.

…As for the similarity to Kris’s winning entry from the machine flesh posted above…he created a great piece of art work and deserved the victory…he has inspired us all with his works…but now are none of us allowed to have a beast rider as a character ?
…I think if you look closly at Kris’s piece and then at my sketch the only similarity is that there is a rider on a creature…pretty vauge comparison
…not so “spookily similar” after all
…maybe if i replaced 'm with a horse it would be better …or maybe a man on a camel in the desert…actually I’ve seen a friend of mine ride a donkey before wich was quite comical…maybe that will be better :rolleyes:

maybe we are all just obsessed with something riding something elsE :twisted:


whoa that’s one helluva concept. Gotta watch you



You are right. Got to love riding monsters. Dune worms and Nazgul Dark Riders in Lord of the Wings are my favourites.


This is another more detailed concept of the Beast in my composition…it is the Gilrog beast …the heavy front line support of the savages…over 2000 pounds and able to reach a land speed of 25 mph…he is uber_deadly…I can’t beleive i just said uber…


wow! fantastic drawing there. Wouldnt like to meet him on a dark night :slight_smile:



i don’t wanna face sucha beast ever,
lovley sketch its really amazing
good luck jeremy,