Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jean Philippe Cohet


Rendering (2/2)
2: first pass with more shadows added (draft)

Glow and background will be added in post-effect and compositing.


Hi there! Nice renderings… But I have one crit. For me, the items on the foreground are lighten in a wrong way. You should light them somehow so that they are much darker from the side opposite to the main action(sun and planet), but also rotate them in order to not lose their shape and nice textures. I hope that you get what I mean…
wish you best:thumbsup:


Love the broken earth, the shape really reminds me of salvador Dali´s famous clocks and the whole scene has a very special mood. Will there be a very bright sky with lots of star or very few? I thini the picture would benefit from having a dark sky but that might be just me…


arturro ->
Thanks for your good crit. The reasons was : near objects so more visible, and a big glow from the solar to illuminate the space.
However I will test an other position for the destroy book.

Bumbi ->
My first idea was to see a space (background) with a normal amount of stars. I will do some tests.


hey thats wonderful:eek:. an escene very dramatic. I really like the way how you destroy the planet. But if you want you can to put an a dead human flyng in the space to make the escene more dramatic and more impressive…well anyway, you have a really nice work.Can’t wait to see more of this end.:buttrock:


Thanks melkao.
Good idea for the dead man, but I’m afraid to make a too more dramatic (gore) picture.
I’m waiting to see your final image with hero triptan, bad guy and tank :wink:


PostFX & Compositing (1/1)
Glow and halo for solar and earth.


That’s all !


sweet…I,mean, poor planet ,sweet image :smiley:

that book and especially coke can look cool too

-after that pic was taken the little coke can flew off to
a distant world where it filled itself up again with the secret
incredients that make coca cola the best drink in the universe
and started a new life without silly drinks like pepsi to ruin
peoples good taste :smiley:


Hi there Philippe!
Wow, now Your quick on this! Congrats and cheers!!! :applause: Really great and nice image of Yours! Awesome idea and spectacular modeling!


:scream: jpcohet your work i like and you texture is excelent.
Good. :thumbsup:



Squibbit ->
Thanks. Ho ! I think you like coca, isn’t it ? I like your squirrel.

kakht ->
Thanks too. Your Kurtan Cargo Ship is very well modeled and rendered.

johnny3d ->
Thanks. Where is your entry ? I would like to take a look.


Thank you for your encouragements I will have some very need to conceive a picture of the same quality that yours. I won’t take the liberty to criticize the quality of your work. But this picture does correspond about the contest’ topic?


Thanks Derferic.
Yes, this picture correspond to the contest’s topic, I think so, or I am very … in a bad way.

Extracts of the Challenge introduction :"…that captures a moment of galactic civilisation or conflict."

or"…a pivotal moment that is part of a vast galactic civilisation or conflict."

Here is the end, or something else, of the human civilization.

No ?


Looks really interesting. Keep it comin ;)… I bet you’ll do nice in the end.


Thanks mireneye.
Your thread has been upgraded with good pictures. Move on.


I like your entry, but I think the sun is drawing too much attention away from the earth. I know it’s an important part of the image, but it might look stronger letting the earth be the focal point alone. Nice work though.


Thanks neble.
I think you’re right. I prefer to keep like that, to prevent a bad modification.
Good luck for your final image; I prefer the last one but the vines are less visible.


THat’s a very cool entry ! Like the metaphor - Earth = creativity vs. consuming society.


Thanks Philipstudios.
You’re entered the challenge just at the time ! Congratulations for your fast and great final image.
Good luck.